From the March 2008 Idaho Observer:

Editor’s Rectangle

The last 30-day cycle has been quite revealing on all levels. The police state we have been dreading and anticipating is unfolding alongside medical Armageddon, economic collapse and martial law. At the same time, the lies that fooled the masses into allowing totalitarians to get this far are proving themselves out in ways that even the most committed fools are finding hard to ignore. As Congress closes its doors on the people to plot our dismal futures in a (thin) shroud of secrecy, the Ron Paul Revolution is threatening to throw them wide open.

These dynamics are forcing all of us out into the open where we have no choice but to declare where our hearts lie; even those who declare nothing are declaring everything because all that remains of our culture are extremes—there are no more moderates. People have either thrown their lot in with the ruthlessly exploitive, scorched-earth totalitarians, they have chosen to oppose them or die trying, or they are watching it all play out in a darkened theater while munching poisoned popcorn.

With a degree of humor we can watch this crop of politicians and the handlers, groupies and apologists who hang on them. While they twist on the lies they believed and perpetuated, the music grinds to a stop and the only chairs that remain belong to the shadow governors they didn’t even know existed.

With satisfaction we are noticing that members of the matinee crowd are leaving the theatrical performance of The American Dream, which runs incessantly, night and day, all over America. They are jumping into real life and joining us to work for a future where freedom and justice—not slavery, a stupid movie and stale popcorn with fake butter—will be our childrens’ inheritance.

By God, we laid the groundwork. Some of us began 40 and 50 years ago. Our often lonely, generally misunderstand and usually unwelcome efforts were not in vain after all. We, the curmudgeons, the contrarians, the constitutionalist-conspiracy-theorizing-right-wing-wackos, planted seeds in our people with our observations, prepped the soil with our research and then Ron Paul came along last year like spring rain.

Amazing. We wintered well and now we are growing vigorously. Our people will be ready for harvest by late August. Even the matinee crowd is going to get excited because, for the same discounted price, they’ll get a real show.

All kidding aside, we can see that the totalitarians’ sinister plans and our most dire predictions are coming to pass. But we are responding nobly, effectively and the obviousness of the despotism is swelling our ranks with people impassioned with the desire to be the change they want for their children and grandchildren.

Bless you all. Now get back to work—we have a promising future to create. (DWH)