From the February 2008 Idaho Observer:

Picked to lose: Meet the Republican "frontrunners"

Governor Mike Huckabee

For 10 years as governor of Arkansas, Huckabee supported taxpayer-financed welfare and healthcare for illegal aliens and increased taxes numerous times. He lobbied for in-state tuition and scholarships for illegals. He flies all over the planet at taxpayer expense for his private agendas, including his presidential campaign and has begged the state legislature to raise taxes through increasing the tobacco tax, a surcharge on income tax, a sales tax, or a hybrid of all three.

Huckabee violated Article I, Section 10, creating a Mexican Consulate, serving as an illegal employment distribution center for Arkansas employers such as Tyson and Walmart. In the first presidential debate Huckabee said we must seal the borders; later he introduced a 9-point plan that translates into "amnesty." He supports remaining in the Middle East for decades. He does not abide by Constitutional war making authority and condones preemptive strikes against no-threat sovereign nations. He will not address the Federal Reserve or the income tax. His presidential campaign advisers are CFR members who are affiliated with a Luciferian bunch called the Illuminati—not the kind of company good Christians keep.

Senator John McCain

John McCain is a traitor. The story of his time as a POW in Vietnam is a fraud that could be proved if he had not used his office to seal his POW records—and the records of other Vietnam POWs—forever. Whatever number of American POW/MIAs were left in Vietnam were killed in 1996 when he and Sen. John Kerry (D-MA) pushed for and got "most favored nation" trade status for Vietnam. The documented evidence of Sen. McCain’s treason is memorialized in Missing, Presumed Dead—The story of Bob Dumas’ 50-year search for his brother Roger who was taken prisoner early on in the Korean war. This DVD is again available from The IO so it can be shown to anyone who is ignorant enough to support this horrible man’s bid for the White House.