From the February 2008 Idaho Observer:

Know before you

The chart (available in the hardcopy edition or online at , which is updated regularly, proves from the candidates’ own mouths what was suggested on page 11: That every "frontrunning" candidate from either side of the aisle (except one) are almost identical in their position on critical contemporary issues. In a very real sense, when each candidate (with one exception) claims his presidency is about "change" the only thing his presidency will change are a few faces; the status quo, the establishment, will remain intact—just as it has since FDR (not counting JFK who was assassinated in broad daylight for his attempts to put America back on track).

Think about it you Democrats supporting Clinton or Obama; think about it you Republicans supporting McCain or Huckabee: The U.S. has been steered by the military/industrial/chemical/pharmaceutical/congressional complex since President Roosevelt and the "New Deal." The American people have been played like a badminton birdie between Republicans and Democrats since the 30s and THE ONLY THING THAT CHANGES EVERY FOUR YEARS ARE THE FACES OF THOSE ELECTED AND APPOINTED TO NATIONAL OFFICES.

Hillary will not save us.

Obama will not save us.

Paul will not save us.

McCain will not save us.

Huckabee will not save us.

What proof do we have that none of these candidates can or will save us?

FDR did not save us.

Truman did not save us.

Eisenhower did not save us.

Kennedy did not save us.

Johnson did not save us.

Nixon did not save us.

Ford did not save us.

Carter did not save us.

Reagan did not save us.

HW Bush did not save us.

Clinton did not save us.

GW Bush is not saving us.

The truth is that we have to save ourselves. Our hope lies in rendering impotent the military/industrial/chemical/pharmaceutical/congressional complex. All of the presidents since FDR, regardless of their party affiliation, have pandered to this powerful cabal of dark corporate influences (though Eisenhower warned us to be wary of the "military/industrial complex" in his 1960 farewell address and JFK was publicly executed for his efforts to neuter this lobby’s influence over national policy). All of the current Oval Office contestants (with one exception) are advised and owned by the same dark forces—the same ones Eisenhower warned us about; the same ones that murdered JFK.

Not even Ron Paul can save us. He can, however, carry our banner of freedom and justice for all through to the November, 2008 general election. He can reinvent in our minds the proper role of (limited) government as envisioned by the Founders. He can teach us to stand in faith and principle for what is right and just; he can show us, by example, how we may return to ourselves the self-respect and self-reliance that self-governing members of a free society must embody so, as a people, we will be strong enough to withstand the forces of tyranny that come to us wrapped in a U.S. flag—a flag drenched with the blood of innocents.

America: The 2008 election campaign hype is theater. All of the characters and their producers, directors, cameramen, makeup artists on-set advisers and off-the-set coaches (except one) are merely repackaging the same lies that have put you and your grandparents, parents, children and grandchildren in peril.

The truth is that war is hell, the power to tax is the power to destroy and our wealth is being liquidated through the administration of a phony fiat money system. The truth is that we are our only hope. For the people to prevail requires your independence of thought and your strength to stand for freedom and justice. Don’t get fooled again.