From the February 2008 Idaho Observer:

Manís imperfect temporal justice v. Godís perfect eternal justice

Don, your thoughts and beliefs are exactly the same as mine. I have fought diligently throughout my "career" in FDOC to expose these thoughts to others. I wonder how we should proceed in getting this information to more people.

After thousands of hours in law libraries learning criminal law, I have learned the hard way that our courts may not follow their own laws. Even case law may fall on their deaf ears. I found that by using Administrative Law I could slow down their assault upon my constitutional rights, learning in the process that Administrative Law would also aid me in business.

As I continued to stand up for my rights I did my best to not tolerate many of the abuses perpetrated upon me. Now Iíve been labeled an "administrative terrorist." As a result, my sentence has been extended five more years. The good news is my belief in God and my self-respect has grown stronger. I have learned two distinct things from this: 1. Prison is a microcosm of our society as a whole. 2. Most people are satisfied with this servile state of affairs as long as they remain entertained in their paper macheĎ world. Losing their rights is of little concern to many. In this respect the movie "The Matrix" is so accurate.

I came to read The Idaho Observer after a brief exposure to The Anti-Shyster magazine. After reading these and further studying of the sovereignty movement, I have come to believe all of my years learning law may be mostly good for nothing. I believe that if an individual admits defeat by the New World Order (NWO) he will accept whatever the government chooses to do with him. If he is a Christian believer, than he awaits the unfolding of the End Times.

Others may choose to become sovereign and learn what it takes to "remove" himself from their corporate system of laws that pertain only to fictions. My fear is that the government may change the rules to try and enslave sovereigns as well. Some others may remain Ďcitizensí which means being dictated to by the government. Some of these may push back against the government onslaught, with the intention of recapturing our Republic.

Certainly some people will be motivated to activism. They will work towards the restoration of this once great country. They desire a return to a Constitutional government. To accomplish this requires a great deal of time and effort from their lives. Activism is expensive. Do we the people, owners of America, have enough time left to turn this state of affairs around? With the neocons and their controllers (world bankers, et al) working feverishly to further their agenda of world domination, many can see that time is short.

Since results over the past 10 years have been less impressive than desired, I feel we all must not only do more, but also use new and different methods. I do not believe our creator wishes us to "tune out." Rather we should continue to work to return the Republic to the people. I know you, at The Idaho Observer, feel the same way. We both believe that we can reverse the course and agenda of the NWO. Two strategies for accomplishing this goal are: 1. Spread the word and educate others. 2. Act in ways that protect and exercise our rights and freedoms. Education and action are a strong, two-edged sword in the fight for freedom. Education can come via publications, DVDís and conversations and experiences. Actions can take the form of living in honor, holding public officials accountable to the law and exposing others to information that assists them in becoming more fully informed.

When we-the-people are too compliant and lazy to lay claim to our rights we find them slipping away. Through greater complexity of the legal system it becomes more difficult for us to exercise our power. Thus we find ourselves ensnared within the systemís web of deception that is designed to keep us confused and in servitude. It is up to us to demand clarity in law.

Our Founding Fathers were determined that we-the-people had to be diligent in our watchfulness of our government. It is our responsibility to maintain our freedoms. Otherwise those who would seek to overthrow our system and replace it with one of servitude by the people to their government will go forth unchallenged in that quest. Each individual can use his strengths to work for freedom.

I greatly appreciate all that I have learned from The Idaho Observer and also from you, Don! I anxiously await my own freedom from man-made statutes and codes. We-the-People need to show that we want our government to follow the laws of the land. It is by our actions that our results will show themselves. We-the-People have the power.

Brian Paul

Lowell, Florida

Note: What Paul agrees with me about is a little essay I have been sending to prisoners in letters for the last few months. It seemed appropriate for publication at this time (see Editorís Desk).