From the February 2008 Idaho Observer:

Rumfeld’s disease found to cause pandemic political paralysis

Aspartame embalms legislative, regulatory brain tissues leaving "victims" completely insensitive to human suffering

From Mission Possible

HONOLULU, Wednesday, Feb. 12—The Hawaii House Health Committee was to consider a bill to ban aspartame, but it never happened. People from all over the world—scientists, physicians, activists and victims—flooded the Hawaii legislature with scientific reports, case histories and anecdotes. But spokespersons for the legislature claim that only a few anecdotes were available for consideration.

Chairman Josh Green, M.D. deferred this lifesaving initiative, which means the committee won’t be able to vote on the overwhelming testimony of respected medical authorities, physicians and researchers that aspartame is a neurotoxin, unfit for human consumption, inflicting disabilities and death on multitudes. The committee didn’t consider victims heart-wrenching testimonies. No "do pass" from the House of Representatives can come forth. It is legislative paralysis.

Paralysis is one of the 92 disabilities the Food & Drug Administration named in its 1995 list of aspartame reactions calculated from over 10,000 consumer complaints it had received. Though the FDA received more complaints from aspartame consumers than any other additive, the FDA stopped taking aspartame-related complaints in 1996 and now denies the list ever existed (but it’s posted to the website at

The "aspartame-induced" legislative paralysis just experienced in Hawaii this year is similar to the aspartame-induced legislative paralysis that surfaced in New Mexico last year and consistent with the aspartame-induced bureaucratic paralysis that has plagued the FDA and other federal regulators since the poison was approved in 1981. All those afflicted with the various political forms of aspartame disease, also known as "Rumsfeld’s disease," have a curious capacity to ignore all testimony and research, including over 100 damning scientific peer-reviewed studies on the devastating consequence of consuming aspartame.

Seizures, sexual dysfunction, birth defects, blindness, paranoia, diabetes, migraines and obesity are also symptoms of Rumsfeld’s disease, which is named in honor former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld who, while CEO of aspartame manufacturer G.D. Searle, twisted a few arms to make sure the world would have fair access to this lab-rat killing artificial sweetener.

Aspartame was also confirmed in 2005 to be a multi-potential carcinogen. The conclusive results came after maiming and killing 1,800 more lab rats in a three-year, award-winning, peer-reviewed study by Dr. M. Soffritti of the Ramazzini Institute. Dr. Soffritti’s second study showed it only takes a small amount of aspartame to cause cancer and if pregnant women use it and their baby survives, the offspring can get cancer.

All the cancer, acute and chronic symptoms aside, the most remarkable attribute of aspartame is its ability to cause a wide-range of political paralyses causing regulators, legislators, lawyers, judges and public health officials to be insensitive to the pain, suffering, disability and death this poison produces in others.

One outstanding aspartame investigation may provide clues as to what causes this high degree of sensitivity that borders on accessory to mass murder. Dr. Maria Alemany, et al, in the "Trocho Study," showed that formaldehyde from aspartame embalms living tissue and damages DNA, two horrific consequences. The doctor eloquently wrote of governments failure to do the obvious: "I am very sorry that the health of so many people depends on a product that should not be available for human consumption, that is harmful and which long-term effects have not been established nor even investigated."

Living tissues subject to embalming from formaldehyde, which is a metabolite of aspartame, includes brain tissue.

Dr. Alemany was unable to continue working with aspartame as it apparently also causes scientific paralysis. "The pressure we felt (and an unexplained drop in our financing) helped us to abandon further studies on aspartame."

The Hawaii legislature is currently working on a resolution to have the Department of Health—the same department that testified in favor of aspartame—study anecdotal reports to determine if a poison is a poison. They’ll be able to keep this up for years, another symptom of aspartame-induced political paralysis.

Mission Possible Director Betty Martini commented, "The reports are in, the research has been done and for 27 years anecdotal reports have piled up as men, women, children, infants and prenates continue to be harmed by this neurotoxic carcinogen approved by the government as the artificial sweetener aspartame."

(The article above is quasi-satire. For some reason, government officials under the political influence of aspartame are unable to determine if this poison should be banned as a poison).