From the February 2008 Idaho Observer:

The high cost of illegal immigration not measured in dollars alone

A few years back I was traveling on the autobahn in Germany with my German hosts. Interspersed within the traffic of predominantly clean, well-maintained cars and trucks with German license plates were dirty, ill-maintained cars and trucks (some of which could not keep up with the infamous speeds of autobahn traffic) with license plates from Croatia, Albania and Slovenia. Though my hosts were very polite, you could tell that they were disgusted with the trade relationships that allowed these unsafe, uninsured rattletraps into the country without inspection or being held to vehicle equipment standards that are compulsory for German nationals. They even explained that it was common knowledge that these trucks were being used to transport all manner of contraband.

It began in Europe in advance of establishing the European Union and is ongoing in an ever-worsening way because, once these foreign-speaking, non-assimilating, undereducated foreigners from (formerly communist) eastern Europe have unfettered access to the more advanced countries in the west, they move their families in to take advantage of the socialist largess of Germany, France and Switzerland.

Does this scenario sound familiar? It is a tried and true, intentional model for social disintegration intended to weaken and fragment cultures of people for political control.

While we should always be compassionate toward our fellow man no matter his race, color or creed, we do have the authority, indeed the responsibility, of defending our shores from foreign invaders—even when our own leaders are leading the invasion.

The Mexican truck pictured above was discovered in Kamiah last December. Kamiah is not exactly connected to the world by a superhighway. That this truck was photographed in this remote location is an indication of how deeply the invasion has been allowed to penetrate. ~Photo by Dick Lawson