From the February 2008 Idaho Observer:

Editor’s Desk...Don’s thoughts on "the law"

The following "essay" was inspired a few months back by one of the more horrible examples of how good, innocent men are relegated to spending the rest of this earthly life in government cages without much hope of being released. "Why?" I asked myself, are men and women at least as good as me fated to spend the rest of their lives in the government prisons while I am still able to live out here in virtual prison? So, in my quest to answer that question and address the frustrations of good people trapped in the hells of man’s creation, I arrived at the conclusion that there is only one law among men: Dominance and submission. Considering the dilemmas we are all facing today, it seemed appropriate to really focus on "law" in a way that gives us strength, hope, security and resolve to go forward in faith that, regardless of petty humans, the universe is perfect and true justice is eternal.

The unfortunate truth is no matter how hard we try to fix the system by petitioning it to fix itself, we will continue to fail until enough people DESERVE a better one. Since Americans tolerate the horrors of our present circumstances, this is what we, as a nation, deserve. Our efforts must then be concerned mostly about reaching people so they understand what is happening to us. We must strengthen each other to become worthy of each other’s respect and, out of self-respect, knowledge (and in the safety of numbers), collectively refuse to live in a country that has devolved to creating and enforcing policies that are an ongoing insult to our intelligence and compassion.

To further this effort, I believe that we should all master knowledge in the following areas: Who we are (in the eyes of our Creator and the STATE—two completely different things); how our bodies work and; how the money system works.

If we become our own authorities in those areas, we cannot be lied to, abused, sickened or bankrupted. In essence, if we know who we are, how our bodies work and how the money system functions, we rid ourselves of victim status and become true sovereigns, as much as we can in this life as children of God. You know this is true because sovereignty is not a series of forms and constructs by man; sovereignty is afforded by God and our willingness to take responsibility for all aspects of our lives, our thoughts and deeds.

So, while I’m on a roll, allow me to explain my deeper thoughts on the subject.

Though I do not claim to be an expert on spiritual matters or legal matters, I think we all get a little confused on points of "law" and who has jurisdiction over what.

When we are dealt injustice under man’s law, we commonly experience the emotional response of anger and helplessness—a reactionary position. Whenever an adversary gets us to react emotionally, he wins. Same thing with us: If we get someone to react emotionally to us, we win. Emotional responses are, generally, illogical and imply ignorance, stupidity, incompetence or fear.

In fact, what I am about to tell you is just about the only source of comfort for me when things get really sad because pain, misery and injustice floods my mind, day after day, in an unending torrent of spring melt suffering: It’s all about "the law."

Man’s law. Human societies are not perfect and are governed by man’s law. It is temporary, inconsistent and violable because imperfect attorneys are licensed to practice "man’s imperfect law" and, under man’s imperfect law, courts are staffed by imperfect men. Justice under man’s law is imperfect (even absurd); it changes with the needs of the men who write the laws and changes again to meet the needs of those who enforce and adjudicate the laws.

Universal law. The universe is perfect and is governed by universal laws. It is eternal, constant and inviolate because there are no attorneys licensed to practice "universal law" and there is no higher court. Justice under universal law is perfect and is, like the universe, also eternal, constant and inviolate.

Two exclusive jurisdictions. Universal law applies to the soul; man’s law applies to our physical bodies. Man’s law has no jurisdiction over our souls and universal law is not concerned about our physical bodies, our comfort or our convenience. It may seem very unfair that you are in physical prison and I am out here (in virtual prison) when you are, quite possibly, a better man than I, but that is because we default toward wallowing in the inherent inequities under man’s law—without considering universal law.

Man’s law—negotiable. In all honesty, I have come to the conclusion that, here on earth, there is only one "law"—dominance and submission. Elites write all this stuff down and call it "law" to keep the commoners fooled into believing that poverty and ignorance has the same standing under the "law" as power and influence—a naive notion at best.

We can see all around us that there is no such thing as "crime" among the elite. They rape, pillage, plunder, mass murder and poison the planet, ruthlessly exploit reources, traffic in humans for slaves and perverse sex. They traffic in drugs, weapons, toxic chemicals and whatever other contraband makes money and destroys people—and they are seldom held criminally liable for their actions.

One could say that there is only one crime among the elite: Getting caught in a public way that (temporarily) compromises these horrible creatures’ ability to engage in their excesses and abuses by shining a little light on their darkness.

Conversely, one could also say that, to the elite, anything a commoner may potentially think, do or say has all the qualifications for being considered "crimes."

This point is easily proved. We can be sent to prison on hearsay or if we are caught smoking a joint in the privacy of our own home; "Put on that bicycle helmet or go to jail!" Even if we are declared "guilty" of something, the amount we are ordered to pay in fines or the time we are ordered to serve in custody is negotiable based upon circumstances that may have little or nothing to do with the "crime" adjudged to have been committed.

A universe of three things only. I think there are only three things in the entire universe: God, me and tools for my enlightenment. The same for you. In all cases, evil cretins who have wronged us and someone that has inspired us are equally tools God has given us to become better servants and instruments of His divine light.

The twist. But here’s the twist: Our bodies are, apparently, under the jurisdiction of man’s law. Guys with more power and bigger guns have dominion over most of us here on Earth. To these people we are only row crops to be harvested or weeds to be killed. Our souls, however, which I believe are eternal, are under the jurisdiction of universal law.

No matter what man can justify doing to our bodies under his laws, we are to take their abuses as spiritual challenges; we are to grow and learn and refine our souls so that we are prepared for whatever happens after they have abused their presumed earthly authority to have their way with our bodies.

I truly pity those who take paychecks from the elite as compensation for abusing their fellow man for fun and profit. It seems that many professions, particularly those associated with law enforcement, corrections, public health and public instruction, are staffed by dupes who are being paid fake money to destroy their fellow sufferers—activities that may generate temporal rewards with eternal implications.

I have a lot more to say on this subject; I could go on for hours in conversation. But the point to consider is that we must be deeply introspective and honest about what goes on inside our head because that is where we secret our true motivations from our fellow man and his law while hiding nothing from whatever is the ultimate arbiter of universal law. Whenever we fail, suffer or even succeed, we must always be asking ourselves if our motivations are pure enough for the universe to support our souls as we use our bodies to navigate man’s law.

Two worlds. The key is understanding that we are living in two worlds simultaneously—the temporal and the spiritual—and each is governed by a completely different set of laws that are mutually exclusive yet overlapping in the sense that our behavior under one dramatically influences the outcome in the other and; one is confined to our mortal lifetime and the other exists in eternity. Further, in one world we are subjected to the idiocies and injustices of man and his laws; in the other we are subject to God’s perfect and eternal justice.

Whose God? And who, or what, is the ultimate arbiter of universal laws? No one really knows though most conflicts throughout history are over opposing opinions on the subject. To me, it does not matter what terminology we use to discuss spiritual matters, we are talking about the same thing and we probably agree the body is temporary and the soul is eternal. We can use the term "God" but I do not know what God or whose God is in control; I do not know whose or which theological work has the direct pipeline to the Supreme Being. What I do know, however, is that we are ALL born with the universal law inside us. We know immediately and flawlessly the difference between right and wrong and, no matter what terms we use in describing or honoring the spiritual realm wherein universal law applies, we are all talking about the exact same thing. Our souls are all equally liable under universal law and it matters not what kind of garments we wear or the dogma to which we conform our earthly thoughts and actions.

Hell, by the way, like heaven, is a political concept disguised as "spiritual" and woven into our belief systems to control human’s spiritual behavior within the construct of man’s law. The likelihood that hell is a burning pit where bad people go after they die and good people go to heaven where the streets are paved with gold and good people go after they die is not too great, in my opinion. I really don’t think I will go to hell for not believing in hell—that is absurd and the architect of the universe did not script universal law to be like the rules of a TV game show. That was man’s doing.

What I think really happens is our soul picks up where our body leaves us off. How or what or when is between our Creator and us and no one else.

Just something to think about. We are required to meet our challenges on more than one plane. (DWH)

Caption: Within the first month of each new year, I gather up all the prisoner mail from the previous year and organize it—a little more intelligently each time. Pictured is all the personal letters I received in 2007 minus manila envelopes (32) and other correspondence to The IO in general. I did not count the total letters received, but I wrote 224 response letters to prisoners in 2007. Contained in these letters is the combined frustration of mostly men who have been wrongfully convicted by the system and me, who is powerless to put an end to their suffering. This "justice" system views proof of innocence as unimportant at sentencing as it does during the following decades, while the provably innocent or harshly sentenced nonviolent (non-criminal) "offenders" systematically exhaust their legal and administrative remedies. Necessity has forced me to develop a system to handle the high volumes of prisoner mail (an average of 4-6 letters a day). Admittedly, my system for handling prisoner mail is the only organized aspect of my life. I find my many penpal relationships with prisoners both the most important and rewarding component of my dissident life and the most frustrating. I am honored to have so many intelligent friendships with so many excellent men and women and saddened to tears that my friends are LIVING IN HELL AND THERE IS NOTHING I CAN DO ABOUT IT but keep the conversations going. (DWH)