From the January 2008 Idaho Observer:

Dubious Denver DNC hosts

In the quest, or I should say campaign for Ron Paul, consider this: As you know, I have been wrongfully imprisoned for 17+ years as a political prisoner via an illegally seated judge who was personally assigned to my case by ex-governor of Colorado, Roy Romer. Romer was well known for the appointment of the "Million Year Judges," five or six judges all vowing to hand out a million years of prison time before leaving the bench. Romerís involvement to my case was an attempt to cover-up the fact that one of his so-called Million Year Judges completely botched the case by allowing the actual perpetrator to go free w/immunity after spending only eight days in jail.

Getting to the point. With the Democratic convention coming to Colorado (August 25-28, 2008), I think it may be of interest to the public and help to both myself and Ron Paul to know that, just before Romerís 12-year tenure as Governor was about to expire, Bill Clinton offered him a job as National Chairman of the Democratic Party to which he initially accepted. However, at the same time, I was just starting to discover his involvement with my case and had implicated him in a habeas corpus brief to the U.S. District Court for the District of Colorado, Case No. 98-N-1949.

It may be coincidence, but it was just a matter of days before he declined the job and high-tailed it to California to become the Superintendent of the L.A. County School District. He left Colorado so abruptly that he did not even endorse, let alone campaign for his lieutenant governor who lost the election by the slimmest of margins. Ironically, Romer returned to Colorado just after my case was finalized in the Colorado Supreme Court and his bi-product protégé Bill Ritter was elected to the office of governor. Coincidence? My case, by the way, along with documented proof, has been on Governor Ritterís desk to no avail since July, 2007. I guess he figures Iím washed up and will just go away.

Bottomline, with Ritter and Romer hosting the Democratic Convention and by Hillary and Obama being the front runners, Iím thinking that a little public awareness and exposure into the fact that democratic ideals are no better than what we are dealing with now, could go a long ways towards securing the election for Ron Paulóand my freedom. Think about it, if either Hillary or Obama wins the democratic nomination, manyóif not mostódemocrats are going to be looking for any excuse not to vote for either. Ron Paul then would be the perfect alternative and, if need be, he might even consider running as an independent.

Full details and documented proof of my wrongful imprisonment as well as Romerís involvement available.

Alan Swendra #65030

Limon Correctional Facility

49030 State Highway 71

Limon, CO 80826