From the January 2008 Idaho Observer:

...because treason and vice rule in the Americas

If it is possible, can you answer me the following:

1. If I was sentenced to prison for 237 months, why did the attorney on my case, Steve Seagal, offer me a 70 percent discount on my sentence in exchange for false testimony against persons brought from Columbia related to my case?

2. Why do the Coca-Cola and Pepsi-Cola Companies add pure cocaine to their products and drug the whole world? The chemical test in a laboratory in Columbia proves that fact.

3. Why can U.S. government exploit illegal aliens who are in federal prisons? The U.S. government employs their services in prison, but out of prison the same government does not allow them to work. Also, why is it that American inmates earn much more money than illegal aliens, but the illegal aliens get the life threatening jobs like working in the copper plant. People have died in the prison in Loretto, PA.

4. Why does the U.S. government allow convicted drug lords from Columbia to live in the United States after they get sentenced 30 years; they only do 4-5 years and they do not get deported?

5. Why do some COs and counselors treat prisoners like they are not human beings?

6. Why was the U.S. government prepared to let me out of prison and live in the United States for free? All I had to do was set up anyone in Columbia that I knew was a drug lord to sell to anyone in the world. The deal was for 5,000 kilos (keys) and the DEA (Drug Enforcement Agency) was delivering it on their ship.

7. Can you please tell me what kind of government would do something like this? Does it show how desperate the U.S. government is to get arrests in the "drug war?"

So, Mr. Harkins, my deepest thoughts are to inform U.S. citizens how corrupt their federal government is, and what they would do to make themselves look good—and that includes the FBI, the CIA, the Secret Service and, especially, the DEA.

Can you help me contact any of the following magazines or TV Shows? Maybe one or more will find interest in my true life story: Time magazine; US News; Newsweek; Dateline; 60 Minutes; 48 Hours. Please ask your readers to go to

Ivan De La Vega Cabas, Miami, Florida

Ivan: T he international trafficking in various forms of contraband is probably the second largest industry on the planet, second only to oil. The amount of money involved requires the extremely well-connected and experienced individuals who run these operations to utilize the services of bankers. Banking is controlled by government regulations which are enforced by police and monitored by international intelligence organizations. That means wealthy industrialists, international bankers, politicians, cops and intelligence operatives conspire to traffick in drugs and other forms of contraband. The fact that the major media refuses to report the gravity of this situation evidences its complicity as well. The U.S., I think, is no different than other countries in this regard, though Americans are particularly oblivious to the fact that their government is run by drug dealers. (DWH)