From the January 2008 Idaho Observer:

Editor’s rectangle

Welcome to 2008. Call it a "New Year’s Revelation," but we aren’t a newspaper anymore. Think about it: It takes about a million people of varying degrees of ruthlessness to negatively impact many millions of people—every one of which is a story in him or herself that is either never reported or misreported by thousands of virtual and hardcopy daily newspapers and magazines, thousands of network TV and radio newsstations (some of which broadcast 24-7 from locations all over the globe) to perpetuate the perverse cacaphony of our modern times. There is no way, as a 24-page, tabloid-sized monthly from northern Idaho, that we can keep up with all that noise. To approach the definition of "newspaper" would require that we publish a 156-page daily broadsheet.

That means we are something else. So, while we can’t cover everything in the 30-day cycle in these 24 pages, we can bring the broad picture into focus by picking and choosing from the dramatic events unfolding around us to prove some very disturbing points. We can also applaud those who stand in faith and act fearlessly in defense of what is right.

This month we can prove that the vote is an elaborate and expensive fraud designed and orchestrated for the express purpose of fixing elections and that everyone from the president on down to the lowliest elections clerk in the smallest polling place—everyone but the individual voter—is implicated in the conspiracy to steal the vote.

We can prove that the government, because it admits to it and has been doing it in broad daylight for decades, is spraying us with dangerous chemicals of known toxicity. We can prove that the government also promotes vaccination, fluoridation, chlorination, lake poisoning, weed poisoning and numerous other deadly processes even though the adverse environmental impacts are known and evidenced wherever you look.

We can prove that 9/11 was an inside job; we can prove that there is zero justification for the specific wars on Afghanistan and Iraq and the general war on terrorism—which has expanded rapidly to include the American people.

We can prove that the entire debt-based money system, managed by the Federal Reserve and enforced by the Internal Revenue Service, is the hugest racketeering scam in the history of the world. We can prove that the private bankers running this scam are actively gaining control of the resource wealth of the world as collateral on the debts they think we owe them and their system is about to collapse

We can prove that the food supply is being poisoned with toxic chemicals and GMOs. We can also prove that natural nutritional supplements and herbal remedies are scheduled for severe regulatory oversight so we are forced to take more poisons in the form of pharmaceutical drugs to mask the symptoms of the other government-approved poisons.

We can prove that government is attempting to mold Americans into frightened, compliant Brave New World/1984 hybrid humans capable only of working and consuming.

We can also prove that there is a revolution going on right now; the bad guys are scared and the media won’t televise it.

So, one more time, welcome to 2008—this one’s going to be a doozy. Again, I ask: "If we are not a newspaper, then what are we?"

How about a journal? The IO is a journal for a slim but important demographic of people who see this chapter of the American experiment in a realistic light. We share the common desire of learning what there is to learn and informing all those who will listen; we perform in hope and faith that our efforts will help alter the present course of history. Thanks and may 2008 be the year where our combined human spirits triumph over the evils planned for us. (DWH)