From the January 2008 Idaho Observer:

The campaign to restore the vote in America

We’ve known since the Ron Paul Revolution began last April that this government would not oversee a legitimate vote count if the Texas Republican became too popular. We have known since the 90s that vote fraud is the rule rather than the exception due to the work of Ken and James Collier in their book "Vote Scam: The Stealing of America" (1992).

The 2000 election proved that, if all else fails, have the U.S. Supreme Court pick the president and, by 2004, a private corporation, Diebold, has been authorized by the highest bidder, to choose the president and anyone else running for office in elections where ballots are cast and votes counted by Diebold electronic voting systems and software.

But none of us was prepared for the blatant, even flamboyant manner in which the primaries are being perverted; we had no idea that the entire system could be so obviously rigged and that the rank and file voters would believe the unbelievable numbers being passed off as "final" by government vote counters and parroted by the media.

The lesson here is obvious: The Ron Paul Revolution is less about getting a man like Ron Paul in the White House and more about opening our people’s eyes wide enough to deserve a president like Ron Paul. The current state of voting affairs shows that we have a ways to go yet.

If we plan on voting people into office or voting for or against laws at election time, then we must restore integrity and transparency in the system. We suggest getting involved with the "Clean Elections Lawsuit" filed by We the People ( To really understand what has happened to voting in contemporary America, go to and

In the meantime, this is our opportunity to show America that a government capable of stealing votes is a government capable of stealing everything else.

Red Pill people: If you want to understand what voting is really all about and why it has evolved (yes evolved) into a transparently institutionalized fraud, read Section 2 of the 14th Amendment. Read it again and again until you realize that it seems to make no sense whatsoever. Then read the article "Are you a party to the rebellion," by LB Bork (The IO, May, 2006 or in The Red Amendment—available at our online store). What you will learn, among other things, is that the fraud isn’t limited to voting or counting the votes. Its much deeper than that—if you are willing to find out how deep the rabbit hole goes...