From the January 2008 Idaho Observer:

The "Right to petition..." shall not be meaningless

Last September, Don Meserlian, editor of POGO News and Chairman of Voices of Safety International, circulated a petition requesting that the director of the FBI’s allegedly ongoing Pentagon/Twin Towers Bombing (PENTTBOM) Investigation, Justin Tolomeo, respond to three legitimate areas of concern regarding the Twin Towers’ collapse. Though the petition (Pogo Petition 200701) had over 200 signers, the NYC FBI office refused to respond.

Meserlian is persistent. After contacting the office several times, he was finally directed to Jay Kramer, an attorney in the NYC FBI legal department. According to Meserlian, Kramer agreed with him when he stated, "The right to petition the government for grievances implies the ‘obligation to respond’ otherwise the ‘right to petition’ is a meaningless right."

Kramer recently agreed to present Meserlian’s 16 pages of faxed evidence to the Director of the 9/11 PENTTBOM Investigation and to ask that he acknowledge receipt of the evidence that explosions, not burning jet fuel, caused the collapse of the Twin Towers and WTC 7.

"I have asked the FBI attorney to demand that the director of the FBI PENTTBOM Investigation respond to all petitioners and begin an unbiased investigation to determine who placed and detonated the explosives in the three buildings," Meserlian said, and added, "I am asking all readers of this article to sign POGO Petition 200701 and ask 10 friends to do likewise."

Though the DC Court of Appeals ruled in 2006 that the people do have a right to petition their government for redress of grievances but the government is under no obligation to respond, the court’s opinion is contemporary and reasonable only to a court sitting in a time of public apathy.

POGO stands for "Police Our Government Officials." At right are the three concerns stated in the POGO petition demanding an FBI answer. If you want an investigation, tell the PENTTBOM investigator.

POGO Petition 200701:

1. Marvin Bush, the youngest brother of George W. Bush, was an officer in Stratosec, a corporation responsible for security at the World Trade Center. Of greatest significance is the contract termination date: 9/10/01. Somebody knew there was no need for security after 9/11/01.

2. Seismographic evidence detected explosions in the basements of the Twin Towers and WTC 7 before the airplanes struck the Twin Towers. WTC 7 was not struck by a plane;

3. Both towers fell down in the same time as objects in free fall; this disproves the "pancake collapse" NIST theory. Photographic evidence shows molten steel in the basements of the buildings and horizontal jets of debris (squibs) below the black smoke being emitted by burning jet fuel. This proves that the collapse of both towers and WTC 7 was a planned demolition whereby all three steel-framed buildings fell down in their own footprint.