From the December 2007 Idaho Observer:

Americans snapping under corporate fascism

As a "political prisoner" in a state prison work camp in Delta, Colorado, I am continually amazed at the destruction of American society, each and every day in the Police State of America. While watching the press conferences of the Arvada and Colorado Springs police departments, I observed verbally to my "celly" (roommate) that Americans are "snapping," unable to cope with the pressures of living in a country ruled by tyranny with all the components of communism, socialism, and fascism as the underlying causes of the destruction of freedom and liberty.

The illusions provided by the controllers of this police state are beginning to fall off as many more of the lunatic fringe continue to snap because they are unable to cope with all the attending issues the police state causes. The prisons, jails, halfway houses are filled to capacity with many who have harmed no one, caused no damage to any property, did not steal, did not rob, did not extort—all of the reasons for which criminals "used to be" imprisoned.

Yes, there are some in prison for real crimes, and rightfully so. We fill our prisons with people who are not real criminals, who have failings in personal responsibility issues, such as drug use, drinking, spanking their children, yelling at or even beating their wives, drivers licensing issues, and, yes, even people like me who have been imprisoned for "influencing a public official by threat of violence," when found guilty of filing a pleading which had no threat of violence in it.

My conviction was upheld at the Colorado Court of Appeals. Certiorari was denied at the Colorado Supreme Court by simply refusing my appeal. My attorney, who cost us $300 an hour, finally admitted that the judicial system appears to be rigged against us to silence and make an example of me for others. Interested parties can view the appeal certiorari at

My lawyer has also decided that he doesn’t have the expertise to take the appeal to the federal level. He feels that all avenues are probably a waste of time and money, with little chance of success, even thought my appeal is worthy and solid. If there was justice left in the system, the conviction would be overturned.

Don, you mentioned that you were going to be on Rick Biesada’s show in Chicago on December 12. Rick is a great host and a solid patriot for liberty. I continue to follow the Ron Paul Revolution and, as you know, support him 100 percent. The Revolutionary Coalition, which I founded several years ago, has upwards of 1,500 members now supporting Ron Paul’s campaign.

All in all, I am very healthy. I work out daily and eat well. God has my back so I am blessed. I love my wife and family and miss them during this trial of fire—for demanding liberty for my life and all Americans. The police state continues.... Your prayers for my wife Pam, who works 16 hours a day to keep our business (www.stanley alive, and myself are greatly appreciated.

In Liberty,

Rick Stanley #137125

Colo. Dept. of Corrections Unit DCC 4-228A

4102 Sawmill Mesa Road

Delta, Colorado 81416