From the December 2007 Idaho Observer:

Part 2: Yes, we are being sprayed

This is the second part of an article that follows leads from government sources proving that the unwitting (non-informed, non-consenting) public is being sprayed with a variety of chemicals. Most of them have military applications and are deployed as platforms for cloaking, virtual imaging and communications technologies to enhance national security. But these national security-enhancing chemicals have known toxicity and are, without question, adversely affecting all life on earth.

By Carol Pellatt

Aerosols over America

San Francisco. Special Military Report No. 142 "Biological Warfare Trials at San Francisco, California" was a series of six, open air vulnerability tests performed upon the unknowing people of this city from Sept 20 thru 27, 1950. Ships filled with bacterial aerosols along with zinc cadmium sulphide florescent particles were positioned offshore and 43 sampling stations were set up onshore. Each of the releases lasted 30 minutes and engulfed the city.

According to Andrew Goliszek, "Based on the report, nearly everyone in San Francisco inhaled 5,000 or more florescent particles each day for the duration of the tests."

No one was ever warned and there was no post experiment monitoring of people’s health. And people did die.

Minneapolis. Joint Quarterly report No. 3 is a military report on the spraying of Minneapolis with zinc cadmium sulphide florescent particles over a three-month period in 1953. The people were never forewarned. Zinc cadmium sulphide is a silvery-white electropositive metal. It is used to test dispersal patterns. This means it acts like an X-ray in the sky showing the routes that  sprayed particulates take when dispersing.

The military, in a "hazardous chemicals" report, admits that, "Cadmium oxide fume is a severe pulmonary irritant; cadmium dust also is a pulmonary irritant, but it is less potent than cadmium fume because it has a larger particle size. The dust, at high concentrations, could be expected to cause the same physiological effects as those arising from fume exposure. Exposure to airborne cadmium is associated with nephrotoxicity. Several inorganic cadmium compounds cause malignant tumors in animals."

Repeated exposure to lower levels of cadmium in air has resulted in chronic poisoning characterized by irreversible lung injury of the emphysematous type with abnormal lung function.

In a report from the International Occupational Safety and Health Information Centre (CIS), The International Labour Organization warns of Zinc Cadmium Sulphide:   "Prevent dispersion of dust! Avoid all contact!"  On the effects of long term exposure, "Lungs may be affected by repeated or prolonged exposure. The substance may have effects on the kidneys and bone tissue, resulting in kidney impairment and bone weakness. This substance is carcinogenic to humans."

St. Louis. Joint Quarterly Report No. 4  describes "The Spraying of St. Louis" with the same metal over a three-month period in 1953. The people were never warned. No follow-up health studies were done for the victims. Because this metal is electropositive, it is likely to be part of the toxic cocktail we see spilling out of military jets into our skies today for use in electromagnet weapons testing, experimentation, and implementation.

Utah. We know by their own reports that the military has dropped nerve agent VX out of jets over Utah, actually over half a million pounds over an 18-year period (1951–1968). Once again, the people were not informed.

Hawaii. In 1965, Operation Big Tom involved the spraying of bacillus globigii over Oahu during a 2-month period. No civilians were informed; no one’s health was subsequently monitored.

For three months in 1966, the air force dropped bomblets filled with benzilic acid—a mind-altering chemical—into the Waiakea Forest Reserve southwest of Hilo, Hawaii. No civilians were warned.

Just a few examples. These are by no means the only documented cases of open air vulnerability testing on unsuspecting civilian populations. This research paper represents a small sample in a large volume of documentation that attests to the fact of the military’s abuse of civilian populations and it’s abuse of the earth as a whole.

It should be noted that none of this information was given of free accord. It was gathered during congressional hearings, lawsuits, and investigations. We can only assume, from the monumental efforts required to acquire these reports and the government’s typical 30-year delay in declassifying documents—whatever documents they have not already destroyed or hidden—that many more heinous and dangerous experiments have been performed than we will ever be privy to. And based on this consistent history of the military’s abhorrent behavior in these matters, we can also assume that experimentation has never ceased and continues today without our knowledge or consent.

Deliberate Radioactive Releases

Kodak. If not for the Kodak company in Rochester New York, many of the government’s deliberate radiation releases may not have come to light. Not long after the Trinity Sight blast in Alamogordo, New Mexico, in June, 1946, customers started complaining to the Kodak company in New York about fogged film.

A scientist from Kodak realized that the film was packed in corn husks from Indiana. He took samples that were analyzed, and they were found to contain Iodine-131. Kodak complained to the government. Six years later, as people went about their lives in Rochester, they had no idea that the Geiger counter readings at the Kodak plant read 25 times higher than usual. Kodak complained again.

After these two incidents, the government provided the Kodak corporation with maps and potential fallout zones for future tests. However, the people were never warned.

Not by the government, or by Kodak. Dairy farmers never knew, children playing in snow saturated with radioactive fallout never knew; pregnant mothers never knew. It’s important to note that experimental detonations of nuclear weapons was not the only cause of the disproportionate amount of radiation that runs rampant in our atmosphere today.

Hanford. During the cold war, the U.S. government, in an effort to test it’s newly installed radiation detectors, deliberately released radioactive material from the Hanford Nuclear Reservation in southeast Washington state.

This experiment, on December 2, 1949, was considered a disaster. The meteorologists miscalculated the weather, specifically the winds, on the day of the releases. The intensity of the releases, coupled with very strong winds, created a drift pattern 40 miles wide and 200 miles long, exposing all in that plume to 400 times the amount of radiation considered safe. The people were never warned.

In 1962, Hanford performed deliberate releases throughout the entire year, as part of an experimental program. In their modus of operandi, the military didn’t disclose this to the public.

Cigarettes. The cigarette industry became aware in the 1950s that the spike in lung, tracheal, and bronchial cancer was due to the fact that tobacco crops were increasingly being fertilized with chemicals that contained radioactive substances. An internal memo from Philip Morris in 1961 acknowledged the presence of strontium-90 in tobacco. The Surgeon General C. Everett Koop stated that radioactivity, rather than tar, accounts for at least  90 percent of all smoking-related lung cancers. The Center for Disease Control  concluded "Americans are exposed to far more radiation from tobacco smoke than from any other source."

U.S. patent No. 4,194,514 describes the process used to remove radioactive polonium from tobacco products, validating the comments above.

Spectator sport. Regarding nuclear testing in the Bikini Islands, the Marshall Islands and at Alamogordo New Mexico, people were encouraged to watch nuclear blasts It’s not just unsuspecting civilians who fall prey to chemical and biological warfare experimentation.


Thousands of prisoners have been used as well as children, the elderly and the sick. And the military doesn’t spare it’s own. Soldiers are bullied into becoming guinea pigs to be injected, infected and to inhale and ingest all types of experimental pathogens. Remember Agent Orange? Gulf War Syndrome? There are scores of reports you can read on Gulf War Illness, depleted uranium and mycoplasma. And it’s been an obvious fact since the 60s that the military has a shameful system in place for caring for their injured, crippled, and traumatized soldiers.

Agent Orange. Just in from Montreal is a new report on the spraying of Canadian soldiers with Agent Orange by the U.S. military in New Brunswick, Canada. The U.S. military tested Agent Orange at Gagetown for three days in 1966 and for four days in 1967.  According to the report, as reported by The Montreal Gazette Aug 22, 2007, "Only individuals who had direct contact with herbicides at CFB Gagetown in New Brunswick are at risk of contracting a number of diseases associated with exposure, including various cancers, Parkinson’s disease and Type 2 diabetes." 

According to Denis Furlong, a government researcher, "While probably only dozens of people were involved in the application, we do know that a lot of members of the Canadian forces were in the area and in the vicinity."

Jim Burke, a former Gagetown base soldier who now lives in Saint John, N.B., reacted angrily when he heard the study results. Burke says he was sprayed with Agent Orange when he was driving an anti-tank jeep at Gagetown in the early 1960s. He recalls a plane flying in low and then covering soldiers in a white fog. "It was like a white scum. That was Agent Orange, because within the next two or three weeks all the foliage on the left and right-hand side of that road died.

"Today Burke, 63, says he has congestive heart disease and has suffered two heart attacks. The report will be forwarded to the federal government over the next week. Ottawa is reportedly looking at a compensation package for veterans."

Mind control. People from Montreal remember the revelation of the ruthless torture of psychiatric patients at the Allen Memorial Hospital under the auspices of receiving treatments. This was the CIA’s mind control program MKULTRA in action—another darling of Fort Detrick. These poor people were used as guinea pigs by a doctor they trusted in some of the most heinous mind control experiments ever documented. An article in the Canadian press dated 7/6/07 describes these crimes against humanity: "The patients were induced into comas and exposed to repetitive messages for days on end to brainwash them. Dr. Cameron pioneered a technique called psychic driving, which he believed could erase harmful memories and rebuild psyches without psychiatric defect.

"The idea intrigued the CIA, which recruited him to experiment with mind control beginning in 1950. Until 1964, Cameron conducted a range of experiments at the McGill institute, often without the knowledge or the permission of his patients. The experiments were part of a larger CIA program called MK-ULTRA, which saw LSD administered to U.S. prison inmates and patrons of brothels without their knowledge, according to testimony before a 1977 U.S. Senate committee." 

The government of Canada was sued successfully by the victims in a class-action lawsuit. Some of them were still alive to collect decades after the fact. The CIA also paid nine victims $67,000 each.

Past transgressions. Remember the Kool-Aid acid tests? DDT? Tamoxafin? Check and see how many military bases are superfund sites, how many glowing tons of toxic waste the military has secretly dumped into the oceans and the air. How many more whales have to be pounded onto shore, driven out of the ocean by painful, disorienting military sonar experiments?

Irresponsible stewards. As of July 2007, the military in Tucson Az is being fined $32,000 a day by the EPA for the toxic jet fuel that has spilled from Tucson International Airport into the drinking water treatment plant there. "The plume of contaminated groundwater was found near the Tucson International Airport Area Superfund Site, where Raytheon and the Air Force share a 1,365-acre facility called Air Force Plant 44."

That’s a common one, I kid you not. The military has poisoned the drinking water of most of it’s neighboring communities with jet fuels or additives.

Do you know that pesticide is now a common ingredient in jet fuels? Why all these macabre facts?

With each passing day I struggle harder to warn people that yet one more chemical inundation is overrunning us with the tacit collusion of our government, under the auspices of a national emergency. The president has declared war on a "non-descript noun," to put it in the words of a British journalist, heralding the feeding frenzy of a new arms race.

Wake up

It’s time to stop thinking that the government—of any nation—really cares about you as a citizen. Or that the military—of any nation—cares about you as an individual or as a citizen of the nation they are purportedly protecting. I know we were all taught that our militaries only slaughter the other side and usually do so in a concise and righteous manner: No civilians, no rapes, no tortures, no disappearances, no arms and legs of children blown into the air; no innocent victims because the U.S. only fights the good fight. We never destroy civilian power plants, water treatment plants, or hospitals. That would cause the suffering of millions of innocent people and we’re the good guys, so we play by the rules. We only kill people who are avowed "enemies of freedom."

It’s time to wake up. It’s time to look up at the sky and see the results of our indifference. The government is allowing the skies of this and allied nations to be sprayed with unknown toxins in their quest to militarize space. 9/11 sounded the alarm that woke the beast and turned up the intensity. As we see historically, they—meaning the government and the military—are not concerned with what falls to the ground, intentional or not. And as we have seen, spraying the skies is nothing new. They have been doing this since the '40s.

Next month we will pick up with "military chaff." We have official reports admitting that military chaff, fiberglass-coated aluminum particles, are being sprayed on us by fighter pilots practicing maneuvers over America.