From the October 2007 Idaho Observer:

The Title 18 fraud: Enslaving the people, stealing their country and creating the police state

In response to your article "should congress resign in shame, I say YES! Every member of Congress or any other office of government, that has violated their oath of office, waged war against the Constitution of the United States of America, waged war against the sovereign people to whom they have sworn to protect and serve, should resign in shame. Further, if probable cause can be established, they should be criminally prosecuted for persecuting innocent Americans, destroying their country and disarming them so they are not able to fight back against "official" corruption and tyranny. Constitutions give sovereign people the right to alter or abolish abusive governments—even removing them by force.

Government was instituted for the purpose of defending and maintaining the Rights of the sovereign people to whom they all owe allegiance. Therefore when anyone in government betrays that allegiance, they have committed an unpardonable crime.

Every United States district court judge does this in violation of the sovereign immunity of the American people every working day and they get away with it, because they are presumed to have more authority than the sovereign American people to whom they owe allegiance. THIS IS WRONG! The systematic disarmament of the American people is occurring through the federal criminal courts under Title 18 of U.S. Code. Title 18 is not law and never has been. Title 18 was never passed by Congress in open session and therefore cannot be lawfully used to prosecute anyone. The courts are committing fraud as are the top officers of the government who have neglected to stop its use. The federal judiciary is in a conspiracy to disarm the sovereign American people. This is an act of treason and should be punished as such.

The reason government is attempting to disarm the sovereign American people is that they know that all hell will break lose when people awaken to the depth and breadth of the crimes that have been committed against them. This is also the reason for the federally-funded militarization of the domestic police state. Police no longer serve and protect; they are taking up very large arms against the sovereign people and have become a standing army commissioned to protect the interests of the corrupt system.

This is still the United States of America and the Constitution still stands as the supreme law of the land, regardless of how the criminals in government try to throw it aside and cover it up or change it to fit their evil and criminal desires.

I would also like to point out too the readers of this paper that the TITLE 18 fraud is being challenged and I am one of the Sovereign American People challenging this non-law. The 49-page Title 18 challenge petition as docketed with the U.S. Supreme Court and the 119-page appendices is available free for the download at

I am being held hostage by this fraudulent non-existent criminal code, so I know the damage being done by it. It is destroying families, enslaving Americans and stealing everything we have. With God's help we will restore the American people's sovereignty.

Warren Nelson

Anthony, New Mexico

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