From the October 2007 Idaho Observer:

Americans hit by waves of police brutality

The new America is a fascist utopia of social instability, police brutality, perpetual war and economic uncertainty; martial authority replaces civil law

"Supreme Court won't hear appeal in CIA torture case."

"Student tasered for asking John Kerry questions at UF"

"Carol Ann Gotbaum dies in police custody at Phoenix airport"

"Michigan AG gets warrant to test and tag Greg Niewendorp's cattle"

"Deputies compete in arrest contests"

"Arizona problem highlights steroid use by police"

"FBI puts antiwar protestors on criminal database"

"Pentagon seeks billions more for Iraq war"

"Secret U.S. endorsement of torture revealed"

Above is a short list of recent headlines from mainstream news sources. Reading the news lately, one cannot escape the conclusion that government structures in the U.S. have been hijacked by perverse cabals of organized criminals who commission the military and local police as enforcers. The three branches of government, heavily financed by powerful industrial lobbies and aided by the fourth branch (corporate media), have melded into one, unaccountable monolith that enjoys (almost) absolute immunity. The result has been unlimited government growth and spending, the worst culture of administrative grafters in world history and institutionalized courtroom injustice. Police no longer serve and protect the public; their current commission is to issue citations and use deadly force (whether necessary or not) to protect government interests from an increasingly discontented populace.

Therein lies the truth of our times: Government is lawlessly taxing, spending, mass murdering, poisoning and imprisoning commoners with immunity and the police are authorized to uphold government lawlessness with deadly force. Welcome to the New American Order.

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