From the September 2007 Idaho Observer:

Democratic party linked to al-Quada (a satire?)

Every time the Democratic Party decides the U.S. should withdraw from Iraq, the media reports dramatic increases in terrorist activity. This link between the Democratic Party and the rag headed devils is virtually instantaneous.

Obviously there is a direct link between Hillary’s gang and the inhuman enemies of freedom, democracy, oil rights and apple pie.

Worse, within 24 hours of any U.S. government official having merely a hunch there will be terrorist activity, the media reports it is everywhere! The enemy may be under our beds, in every shopping mall and inside our schools. Every car on every street and every home must be subject to warrantless search and seizure operations by loyal police forces. Fortunately, the flashing sunglasses of our brave lads in the many security forces can already be found in all these places keeping us safe.

Every member of the Democratic Party must be sent to Guantanamo for torture. No matter how many years it may take, we will secure their confessions—all legislators, mayors, governors, and the few judges who remain Democrats. It is a sign from God Himself that they themselves gave us loyal Americans the right to torture them until they crack. Only by putting all Democrats, liberals and left wingers in ovens can our land be purged of collaborators who would stop the war. Computer records can be searched to discover all those who voted for these fiends.

People may have believed Americans are too stupid to discover that al Qaeda now controls the Democratic Party, but we, the Republican globalist elite, will be moving swiftly to remove all doubt.

Richard Geffken

Mayo, Florida



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