From the September 2007 Idaho Observer:

Bush travels to Montebello (not Monticello) to discuss future of SPP (not USA) with Harper and Calderon (not House and Senate)

By The Idaho Observer

Since the 14th Amendment’s coerced and arguably illegal ratification in 1868, the U.S. federal government has transformed itself from a small, essentially weak political body of limited jurisdiction and 18 enumerated powers into a central authority of boundless jurisdiction and unlimited power.

As predicted by Thomas Jefferson in the early 1800s, this central authority’s corruption has become so extensive as to be global in scope; its indifference to human suffering has allowed it to imprison millions of its own people, murder more than a million Iraqis and its meddlesome foreign policies are directly responsible for some nine million of the world’s 12 million "displaced persons."

And now the imperial U.S. authority has decided to supercede the United States of America and its laws by betraying her people to a North American Union via the "Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP)" with Canada and Mexico. The SPP is best described as a North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA)/Homeland Security hybrid. It combines NAFTA’s lawless corporate exploitation of people and resources with the paranoid, post-9/11 police state security apparatus.

The three-nation ("Three Amigos") summit at Montebello, Quebec, Canada, was held behind closed doors August 20-21, 2007. According to a report by Phyllis Schlafly of the Eagle Forum, the three amigos were "well guarded behind an intimidating fence and plenty of police, but the news conference that followed on August 21 revealed more than the three heads of state had planned.

"President George W. Bush, Prime Minister Stephen Harper, and Mexican President Felipe Calderon all refused to deny that the Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP) is a stepping stone toward a North American Union," Schlafly reported.

At the news conference, Fox News reporter, Bret Baier asked all three heads of state, "Can you say today that this is not a prelude to a North American Union, similar to a European Union?"

"Their response was positively sensational," Schlafly commented. "None of the three denied that SPP is leading to a North American Union (NAU). The White House transcript of the news conference allows us to assume that the elites of the three countries are, indeed, moving toward North American integration."

Bush then reportedly insulted the questioner and those who wanted an answer by accusing them of believing in a "conspiracy." Bush twice said he was "amused" by such speculation.

"Instead of addressing the crux of the question about plans to integrate the three North American countries, Bush resorted to ridicule. He sneered at his critics as ‘comical’ and accused them of engaging in ‘political scare tactics’ and wanting ‘to frighten our fellow citizens into believing that relations between us are harmful for our respective peoples,’" Schlafly wrote.

According to Schlafly, Harper tried to lighten the mood by implying that the SPP meeting was merely about harmonizing different regulations on "jelly beans."

"Apparently, a Canadian jelly bean manufacturer had demanded standardization of the rules so his company would not have to produce different jelly beans for the United States, which bans a red dye permitted in Canada. Nobody asked: ‘If that’s all SPP is about, why such secrecy and does SPP harmonization mean we must allow food imports using dyes we believe are dangerous?’"

While President Bush prefers to deflect direct questions about the NAU by accusing questioners of being conspiratological scaremongers, he cannot deny the fact that Texas has already signed a contract with a Spanish contracting firm to begin construction on the first leg of the much ballyhooed NAFTA Superhighway.

Nor could the president deny that his administration is moving ahead with plans to erase the borders between Canada, the U.S. and Mexico without the consent of Congress because 21 Republicans and one freshman Democrat recently sent a joint letter to Bush voicing "serious and growing concerns" and urging him not to "agree to any further movement in connection with the SPP."

"The House further manifested its annoyance at the lack of transparency by overwhelmingly (362 to 63) adopting Rep. Duncan Hunter’s (R-CA) amendment to prohibit the use of federal funds to pay for SPP working groups or to create NAFTA superhighways," Schlafly added.

Thickening the plot of the Bush administration to betray the American people to the NAU, as of Sept. 6, 2007, untold numbers of Mexican trucks are coming across the border, unchecked by U.S. customs—even though the House voted 411-3 on May 15, 2007 (and again by voice vote July 24, 2007) to prohibit Mexican trucks from gaining uninspected access to U.S. highways. ~Thanks to Phyllis Schlafley of Eagle Forum (

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