From the September 2007 Idaho Observer:

Giuliani exposed for fraud by FDNY

The Republican party machine has shown that it wants former NY Mayor Rudy Guiliani to get the nomination to run for President in 2008. That may be changing as people begin to find out what kind of guy he really is. Not only did he do everything in his power to scrub the 9/11 "crime scene"; not only is his law firm representing foreign interests that are buying America’s roads and bridges, but he has really made the New York Fire Department mad.

By The Idaho Observer

A video from the International Association of Fire Fighters that blasts presidential candidate and former NYC mayor Rudy Giuliani has been circulating on for two months and has had 259,545 viewers as of Sept. 11, 2007. The 13:05 min. video short makes the following claims:

• In 1993, when the WTC bombing occurred, FDNY radio equipment was defective. Under Giuliani’s leadership, it took seven years for the radio equipment to be replaced. In violation of the law, the radio equipment was replaced through a no bid contract and never tested in the field.

• On Sept. 11, 2001, FDNY radio equipment was still defective. When Chief Callan ordered all FDNY members in the North Tower to the lobby at 9:32 AM, no members responded. Despite repeating the command, no one responded. At 9:59, the South Tower collapsed. At 10:00 AM Chief Pfeiffer orders all FDNY members to evacuate the building. Assuming the radios were working, firefighters had 56 min. after the first call, and 29 min. after the second call to evacuate.

• 43 firefighters were lost in the North Tower due to defective radios. Giuliani told the 9/11 Commission that firefighters ignored orders to evacuate and instead stood their ground. It should be noted that no police officers were lost.

• Giuliani should have been at his command center in WTC 7 where he could coordinate rescue efforts. Instead, the command center was never used, Giuliani was seen repeatedly running away from the World Trade Centers while talking to the media, and WTC 7 was evacuated and destroyed. His excuse? The command center shouldn’t be there since it would be a target for the terrorists. To this day, the destruction of WTC 7 remains an official "mystery" since no plane or terrorist plot explains the total destruction of this building.

• While surviving FDNY members were respectfully going through the rubble of the North Tower looking for the remains of their comrades (121 were recovered), gold in the basement belonging to the Nova Scotia Bank was uncovered. Giuliani immediately pulled the firefighters off their job, alleging concerns for their safety. The message was clear, recovering the gold was more important than honoring those firefighters who died as a result of Giuliani’s defective radio equipment. The remaining 242 firefighters plus hundreds of civilians were scooped up like garbage and taken to the "Fresh Kills" landfill on Staten Island.

• Outraged families of the firefighters and victims publicly protested the treatment of their relatives’ remains and were arrested. They were soon released to squelch the public relations nightmare Giuliani had unleashed.

Last March 9, the IAFF sponsored a presidential candidates’ forum in NYC. Guiliani was not invited though everyone else, both Democrats and Republicans, who had announcedtheir intention to run for president, was invited. The decision to exclude the former mayor was not made out of spite. It was a thougthful move intended to send the message that the man who has been dubbed "America’s mayor" and the Republican Party’s favorite to run in 2008 is a fraud.

This same 13 min. video clip is available at along with many other corroborating mainstream news articles.


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