From the September 2007 Idaho Observer:

Lone protestor identifies epidemic of official malfeasance

SANDPOINT—Jerry Goforth, 55, of Kootenai has been politely standing in front of the Bonner County Courthouse since May, 2004. He isn’t there all day, everyday—and a little less often than he was a few years back—but he’s there often enough for everyone who lives in or passes through Sandpoint to know he is not happy with local, state or federal public servants.

Goforth’s life in Bonner County is really a continuation of a story that began several years ago in western Washington when he stumbled upon a meth lab that was part of the King County police protection racket. Though he moved to North Idaho to be left alone, it seems that King and Bonner counties are nefariously connected. Goforth has experienced severe, vendetta-type harassment. Rather than leave in fear, Goforth began digging again. He now claims to have evidence of "150 unlawful incidents" perpetrated by local officials and law enforcement, and this evidence has been copied to the appropriate authorities through proper channels. His evidence is compelling, at least to the point of establishing "probable cause." For pursuing his administrative remedies—and, unofficially, for irritating public servants by standing in front of the courthouse in protest for days on end—he was sent to jail for 30 days Nov. 8, 2004.

But no matter how criminal the actions of the police; no matter how abusive the actions of local officials, neither the courts nor the FBI will compel certain individuals to obey the laws—even after being provided evidence they are being broken.

Everywhere you go in today’s America, it’s the same story: Angry and damaged people are claiming that public servants are enabling the destruction of our country by betraying the interests of her common people to "elite" cabals of ruthless thieves.

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