Greetings People of the Matrix:


As a result of a wrongful conviction, set in motion by a confused calumniator and aided by a bloodthirsty system, I write to you from this "belly of the forsaken." I have suffered beyond belief, yet it is this suffering that has facilitated my spiritual growth and Cosmic perspective of reality and the purpose of life. Hence, my imprisoned status is not the reason why I take the time to write. Imprisonment is a relative term and, as a societal collective, we have all become increasingly imprisoned (conceptually, ideologically, etc.) by a self-evident police state, implemented by a hidden oligarchy, united for the purpose of human digression.

I’m here, in my humble capacity, to prompt you to return to the introspective musings that fueled your youth, a remembrance of your initial desire to learn who you are and your purposes for being . . . questions that, due to the process of socialization you have hidden in the deep recesses of your mind. See if you can remember them . . . It is quite understandable if this is difficult because you have been tricked and programmed to accept concepts and ideas that are antithetical to your progression as a human being.

For example, you don’t have to be an expert to determine that not only does chemotherapy not cure cancer, it kills people faster than the cancer would have done alone. Dr. Levin reports that "Most cancer patients die of chemotherapy." Therefore it would be correct to say that doctors grossly misrepresent the truth (ie: lie) when they list most cancer patients’ deaths as from cancer. They are actually being killed by the direct effect of chemotherapeutic poisoning. Intuitively cancer patients know something is seriously wrong with this necro-therapy, but decades of programming have subsumed their ability to think and act independently.

We have, because of this programming, forgotten our search to discover the mysteries of life: how reality is actually created; the ultimate purpose of life; who we really are; and all the presently hidden, specific and sacred mechanics surrounding manifestation and existence. These are the prodigious objects of a quest that we have laid to the side for an I-Pod and Mickey D’s lifestyle.

In order to be qualified to understand deep concepts, it would be prudent to first comprehend the reasons for the prevalence of diseas. Disease and conditions that cause it are purposely created by less-than-pious entities for facilitation of their nefarious agendas. Moreover, for the sake of this discussion, concede, if you will, that we are spiritual beings in physical existence and our bodies are our vehicles. These vehicles are inherently necessary in helping us gain greater conscious awareness and spiritual actualization. The Establishment creates programs, institutions, and organizations that insidiously interface with all areas of people’s activity. This is necessary to keep the masses from lifting the veil, and for that matter, discovering that a veil exists. We are trained from birth to behave in a manner unique to automatonic cyborgs, while at the same time falsely believing that we are empowered free-thinkers. The Establishment gives us de-mineralized soil, corporate farms, pesticides, genetically modified foods that secretly alter our DNA, and personal care products made from toxic chemicals. They have polluted our water with the same chemicals Hitler secretly used in Germany to impair cognitive function. When we get sick from exposure to and consumption of all these toxins, they have provided us with pharmaceutically-controlled institutions that inject us and give us pills made from more toxic substances. This is not free-thinking. Eating and drinking chemicals and processed food does not lead to health. Consequently, being treated with more toxic chemicals damn sure can’t reverse what was caused by the same!

It is important to note that our thoughts create reality. They are the invisible energetic blueprints that map out our lives. It is now time to change the conceptualizations of what it means to be human and to begin to embrace our sacredness. By doing so, we begin a reformation of our thinking—the process that begets thoughts—that will eventually change our manifest circumstances from those of digression to those of progression.

There are no incurable diseases. That is also propaganda. From a spiritual point of view, the Establishment creates the conditions for disease and certain man-made vectors to purposely distort our physiological function for one ultra-covert purpose: to prevent our discovery of and our ability to use our physical forms and our minds to activate the energetic mechanisms involved in the expansion of our awareness via true spirituality. Relatively speaking, profit and population control and other New World Order agendas are all viable motives of the Establishment. But if you dig deeper, you will learn what you were never meant to know; that the over-arching goal of the hidden controllers is to prevent certain spiritual processes from activating and triggering a new way of thinking. Such a reality would lead to true freedom and truly free human beings—a reality that is decreasingly limited by the manifest illusions of space and time; a reality wherein human beings could consciously remember that, truly, "there is no spoon."

In the days of the pre-Ancients, there was a time when knowledge indicative of this was freely available. However, we live in a controlled society now—one which seeks to keep us from learning the great truths of our existence by manufacturing all kinds of societal crises. This is misdirection, folks. We are being poisoned from all directions and on all levels in an attempt to prevent us from learning our destiny.

The destruction of our health is only one of the many methodologies that are put to use in this cosmic assault. Since our physical forms are sacred and intrinsically vital in this process, I urge you all to take charge of your health and stop letting these unenlightened punks poison you. It’s time we begin to integrate our own higher awareness, starting by making our physical forms impenetrable to disease. If you decide not to take the necessary steps towards positive health in all its facets, then at the least, do not scream as the Matrix devours you.

In Peace and Light to all the cosmic drops in the Cosmic Ocean, I love you,

Rashad Eggleston

Jackson, Georgia