Dirty electricity

POST FALLS—A close friend has not had a good night’s sleep since moving to Post Falls, the fastest-growing city in Idaho, four years ago. Generally healthy and upbeat throughout his life, he suffered one major, life threatening infection and has been battling a general feeling of lethargic malaise since moving to Post Falls on the Rathdrum Prairie.

His wife and young adult children have also experienced a downturn in their general health. At least one miscarriage also occurred while a pregnant daughter was living in the house.

It should also be noted that vices and diet are not an issue in this case, nor are there any apparent personal, interpersonal or spiritual issues that could be the underlying cause of his physical symptoms.

Concerned friends decided to check his home for elevated levels of electromagnetic radiation. The meters spiked the moment they were turned on. The "hottest" place in the house was exactly where he laid his head every night in bed.

Checking to see if his house was being targeted or if the problem was affecting the neighborhood, neighbors homes were metered and also found to be "hot."

After a great deal of checking leads and talking to various people, it was determined that the electricity being supplied to the neighborhood was "dirty." This is a huge phenomenon affecting people and communities all over the country.

Here is what we have discovered so far:

1. Areas experiencing population growth are forced to increase the availability of power and utilities to meet demand.

2. Because the motivating factor is to do everything as cheaply as possible, the delivery infrastructure is barely adequate and does not plan appropriately for future expansion.

3. Because substations and transformers are not positioned properly, voltage is increased to send electricity farther than it should go.

4. While the voltage is not a such a problem during peak usage periods, excesses go to ground when usage is down—like at night time.

5. If the system is not properly grounded, the excess, high-voltage electricity will travel, miles if necessary, until it finds ground.

6. Metal water pipes, particularly copper, provide an excellent ground and drag that "juice" right into the house.

7. The type of soil particularly conducive to dirty electricity (excessive voltage looking for ground) is loose, rocky soil—exactly like the soil on the Rathdrum Prairie.

We will be expanding on this story as it develops. In the mean time, if this scenario sounds familiar to you, go to www.dirtyelectricity.org for more information and additional confirmation.

WARNING: You should contact your power company and your local health district but do not be surprised if both are nonresponsive to your queries. They probably know what is going on but will not admit it.

You can, however, inform your neighbors. Meters to measure and filters that effectively minimize the effects of dirty electricity are available through various manufacturers listed at the dirtyelectricity.org website.