Battin’ a thousand

It may be sacrilege to say it, but government at every level has been "battin’ a thousand" since about 1861. The sacrilege is to borrow a term from about the only thing left in America that’s American—baseball—to describe the perfect consistency of something that has, for 145 years now, been utterly unamerican—government.

Battin’ a thousand, in baseball jargon, is the ideal batting average indicative of a player getting a base hit every time he steps up to the plate. I am using "battin’ a thousand" here to describe how government ordinances, regulations, laws and acts enforced as policy since the War of Northern Aggression (aka the Civil War) has served to undermine the Constitution(s). Instead of reinforcing governments’ only true commission—to protect freedom and provide justice—it’s actions of the last century-and-a-half have systematically stolen freedom and denied justice.

When yer battin’ a thousand, yer a really good hitter.

Just to prove the point, which is that "our" government has covertly viewed freedom and justice for all as its enemy and has been destroying both under the clever ruse of protecting and providing them, we shall review a sampling of agencies commissioned by government, what they were allegedly commissioned to accomplish and their contemporary result.

Department of Defense—The Department of Defense (DoD) was morphed from the War Department, which was created at a time when the U.S. did not interfere with the internal affairs of sovereign nations but understood the necessity of provisioning adequate defenses against foreign invasion. The Bush administration has adopted the policy of using the U.S. armed forces under the DoD to wage "preemptive" war on those it believes may someday be enemies of the U.S., its (commercial) interests or its allies and their (commercial) interests. The DoD has, as a matter of policy, become the Department of Offense (DOO). Result: The opposite of its original commission.

Federal Reserve—First of all, the entity in charge of issuing the currency and controlling interests rates in the U.S. is not federal and it has no reserves; a fraud on its face. Second, it was created by act of Congress in 1913 under the pretense that a cabal of private international bankers above regulatory scrutiny would stabilize the economy and protect it from recessions and depressions. Since 1913, the economy has been on a wild, nonstop, roller coaster ride of manufactured states of boom, recession and depression. With each manipulation, the paper debt notes issued by the Fed become increasingly worth-less while being used to stealthily transfer "ownership" of real property and assets from workers and producers into the hands of themselves. Result: The opposite of its original commission.

Internal Revenue Service—The IRS, which is also not a government agency, was commissioned to collect indirect taxes on incomes (what we now understand as "unearned incomes") mandated by the 16th Amendment. The original intent of the 16th Amendment was to tax the idle rich, trusts, corporations and robber barons who were gaining too much influence over government and bring tax relief to "wage earners" who were paying a disproportionate amount of the taxes. The IRS now collects a progressive, unapportioned direct tax on the wages and salaries of working people under the guise they are income while loopholes are constructed for trusts, corporations and modern robber barons so they get away with paying very little in taxes. Result: The opposite of its original commission.

Department of Agriculture—When the Department of Agriculture was commissioned in 1889 to promote progressive yet environmentally intelligent agricultural practices and protect the food supply, traditional family farms using historic and sustainable farming practices supplied the nation with most of its food. Since the 1930s, the USDA has regulated family farmers into near extinction and corporate, government-subsidized, chemical-intensive agribusiness farming practices now produce most of the nation’s food (and drink). The food (and drink) supply is currently comprised of chemically-contaminated, non-nutritive products derived from genetically-modified plants and livestock; the soils no longer support life and groundwater is becoming increasingly polluted as the residues of chemicals leach into lakes, streams, wells and aquifers. Result: The opposite of its original commission.

Food and Drug Administration—Also commissioned to protect the food supply and promote the availability of safe and effective medicinal drugs, the FDA has ensured that most processed and packaged foods and beverages are full of harmful chemical additives and preservatives that accumulate in consumers’ tissues. The agency has approved thousands of dangerous and deadly pharmaceutical drugs that have been maiming and killing millions. Result: The opposite of its original commission.

Department of Health and Human Services—This agency, which morphed from the Department of Health, Education and Welfare in 1980, was commissioned to help distribute emergency government benefits to people in need so they can get back on their feet. The agency has created a dependent welfare class and implements policies that sicken and neurologically cripple children and destroy families. Result: The opposite of its original commission.

Drug Enforcement Agency—The DEA was ostensibly established to track leads of drug smuggling so that those responsible for trafficking in drugs can be arrested, prosecuted and imprisoned. There is overwhelming evidence to suggest that the DEA is enabling drug trafficking in America. Even if it is not, the supply of drugs in the U.S. is equal to demand, an indication that, at the very least, DEA drug enforcement policies are a failure. Result: The opposite of its original commission.

Border Patrol—The range of estimates for the numbers of aliens who have entered this country illegally from Mexico range from 12 million to about 40 million. That the estimates have a range of 28 million illegal entries from Mexico alone shows that the Border Patrol has failed utterly to protect the border. But the fact that millions of undocumented persons have entered our country in a time of war presents a risk to national security of historic proportions. The influx is also causing social tension because the illegals are not matriculating into American culture, they are bringing their culture with them. Result: The opposite of its original commission.

Department of "Justice?" Department of "Education?" Centers for Disease "Control" and "Prevention?" National Institutes of "Health?" Department of Homeland "Security?" Department of the "Treasury?" Department of "Energy?" Environmental "Protection" Agency? Child "Protection" Services? I just looked at an alphabetic list of government agencies. There are hundreds of them. Upon cursory review, it would be both possible and accurate to follow the model established above to show how each policy making/enforcing agency is accomplishing the exact opposite of its original commission—the justification for its creation and, presumably, is ongoing existence.

It seems that Americans have duped themselves in a huge way. Under the presumption that ours was the best government for the greatest country in world history, we trusted that government agencies were being created to protect, preserve and promote our greatness to such an extent that we allow them to worsen the problems they were commissioned to solve. I think government’s batting average speaks for itself: "When yer battin’ a thousand, yer a really good hitter." ~DWH