A New World Order has come into view:

We are seeing GHW Bush’s "thousand points of light"—they are bombs bursting in the night sky and tracer bullets strafing innocent civilians in a time of perpetual war; they are the sirens and flashing lights of police and first

responders at the scenes of endless emergencies; they are the legions of corporate stockholders earning immense profits of creating—and then policing—human misery.

Under the false pretext that 19 boxcutter-wielding Arab terrorists headquartered in a cave in Afghanistan overcame the U.S. national security apparatus to commit the acts of terror on 9/11, the Bush administration has overtly declared a global war on "terrorism"—as a cover to wage covert war on American civil liberties. In less than six years since 9/11, the Bush administration has managed to—almost—complete the long transformation of constitutional America into a paranoid, militarized, technotyrannical police state.

We now live in a state of perpetual war awaiting the next terrorist attack, the next release of chemical or biological agents, the next infectious disease outbreak and the coming economic collapse. Regardless of whether the looming emergencies are manufactured, imagined or real, the government is incessantly broadcasting its plans to manage them under federal martial authority after suspending civil law.

This dark vision of the immediate and foreseeable future is being imprinted onto Americans’ brains by TV, radio and print news media and is being reinforced by public education, employers, entertainment TV and movies. The feeling that is being incubated among the masses is that attacks, pandemics and natural disasters are coming, we are powerless to stop them, the government is sparing no expense to plan/prepare/train for these scary inevitabilities and all we can do is cooperate and do as we are told—or be taken away by armed guys in Darth Vader masks.

Welcome to our brave new world—the same sinister world envisioned by Hitler and his handlers has come into view under the Bushes and theirs. But growing numbers of Americans are realizing the horrible futures being created for them and are resisting. The most obvious example is the growing, broad-spectrum, popular support for Rep. Ron Paul and his campaign to win the Republican Party’s nomination for president. People are finding themselves willing campaign politically to "change the channel." See page 1.