From the June 2007 Idaho Observer:

The Ron Paul Revolution:

Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas) has redefined the "rules" of primary presidential debating by honestly answering questions from a deeply-committed and well-informed constitutional perspective. Curiously, neither Rep. Paulís opponents nor their handlers seem to notice that the rules have changed. Sen. McCain, Mayor Guiliani, et al, insist on sticking to the same rhetoric even though doing so is exposing them as pathological, prevaricating, political puppets. ~Image by David Dees

Republican Party bosses canít silence him and the mindcontrol media canít ignore him; Ron Paul is causing an awakening in America

If party politics and election campaign issues were apple carts, the presence of Congressman Ron Paul (R-Texas) on the presidential debate stage has tipped them over. While the other panelists pretend not to notice that their bruised and mealy apples have been spilled all over the stage, Rep. Paul, M.D., picks a few up each time he has the floor and holds them up for the world to see just how bruised and mealy they really are.

The Ron Paul Revolution has begun. Americans of all political persuasions have snapped to attention and are rallying behind what the self-described and self-evident "champion of the Constitution" is saying to them. Post debate polls so overwhelmingly show approval for Rep. Paulís positions on war, foreign policy, the proper role of government and taxation that war-weary people all over the world are hopeful that the Texas Republicanís surge in support among Americans will put an end to the global U.S. war of terror. "In a United States so locked into a Ďmarch-stepí mentality among its war leaders and politicians in leading their citizens into further expansion of their world wars, Ron Paul crossed the line," commented members of the Russian Political Science Association, when he stated on the floor of Congress, "Patriotism is more closely linked to dissent than it is to conformity and a blind desire for safety and security."

It is about time America experienced a political revolution. Americans are generally disgusted with the institutionalized fraud and waste in government and are tired of having their intelligence and interests insulted by political party puppets seeking office.

Unlike the other Democrat and Republican Oval Office hopefuls, there is not one line of rhetoric or party politics in Paulís written work, his spoken words or his voting record. His beliefs are sincere and the depths of his convictions have been memorialized in his speeches and essays going back to the beginning of his career.

If you have not read Rep. Paulís essays on such topics as war, foreign policy, taxes, freedom of speech, the role of government, the IRS, the Federal Reserve and property rights, a comprehensive collection of his written work can be found at

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