From the June 2007 Idaho Observer:

IRS agent-turned whistleblower charged with willful failure to file

A note from Sherry Peel Jackson: On Friday, April 13th (the last possible day that it could be done to include the year 2000) the government filed criminal charges against me. The charge is from Section 7203 and it is willful failure to file. There are four counts - 2000, 2001, 2002 and 2003.

This was not an Indictment, it was an Information. I have been told that an Indictment is for felonies and an Information is for misdemeanors. Because they filed the charges they finally had to unseal the affidavit of probable cause that the agent swore to the judge to get permission to invade my home. This affidavit is just a listing of all of the places that I have spoken out and asked the government to show the law. It does not state any criminal acts on my part, but it does state that they had my family under surveillance, they went through our garbage and they retrieved our mail.

They also went to my church and demanded the records of all my tithes and offerings for those four years. Who is the criminal? Anyway, the affidavit claims conspiracy, and three other "violations". However, after all was said and done they came up with willful failure to file. Those of you that know the law know that we have an excellent chance to win this case. Without getting into any details of our strategy, I have retained Larry Becraft (that handled Vernie Kuglinís case) and a local attorney to help me. We will work to obtain the same outcome as Vernie.

Note: Sherry will need help paying legal fees. She has already tapped her personal resources and is working on getting all 800 copies of her "Breaking The Invisible Shackles" DVDs back (they were seized when the IRS stormed her house). Sherry will trade an autographed copy of her DVD to those who donate $100 or more to her defense.

Make checks payable to:

Sherry Jackson

1560 Fieldgreen Overlook,

Stone Mountain, Georgia 30088.

Funds can also be sent via PayPal to:

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