From the June 2007 Idaho Observer:

HHS, DHS now internationally broadcasting CDC pandemic/pharma propaganda 24-7

By Dr. Leonard Horowitz

America’s newest 24-hour television network, "H&HS TV," is now filling living rooms in select markets with blatant propaganda.

The U.S. government’s contribution to "edutainment," produced by the Health and Human Services Department and the Department of Homeland Security, presents life-threatening propaganda aimed at selling you on anthrax and smallpox vaccines, emergency kits, telephone calling cards, and blaming you for being naive and unprepared to face the world’s worst terrorist attacks.

"History of Bioterrorism," a 30-minute very low budget documentary is the centerpiece of this experimental persuasion campaign produced to attract viewer to, a special new "preparedness" website. They have declared September as "National Preparedness Month," to be annually celebrated.

A primary goal of this mind manipulation is to spread the dread of a bioterrorist attack, or "natural" outbreak, coming soon to a place near you.

"Will you be prepared?" asks show host Dr. Joanne Cono (pronounced Con–Oh!).

Casual viewers would never suspect Dr. Cono’s sweet-looks and soft-spoken demeanor serve an ulterior motive. She is a pediatrician and a medical epidemiologist for the Centers for Disease Control and [Creation] (CDC).

I’ve renamed the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to the Centers for Disease Control and Creation to raise awareness that approximately 15 percent of our nation’s population are already taking prescription psychotropic drugs for mental "illnesses" such as anxiety, depression, and neuroses. So this Con-artist is really nothing more than a modern "Typhoid-Mary," aggravating and spreading more mental illness and phobia for free on TV.

As an excellent propagandist, Dr. "Con" effectively insinuates your ignorance as a deadly liability. She blames American citizens for lacking the intelligence necessary to prioritize proper pandemic planning.

Do not take her message personally. You are in good company. American "public health" officials also blame Saddam Hussein, Hitler, Japanese militarists, Russian Cold War scientists, and even our British allies, for our current "desperate" condition. Naturally, our good-ole-boys at the Pentagon and CIA have nothing to do with this "risky predicament." They are simply to blame for lagging behind everyone else. Ridiculous!

Government documents prove America cursed the world with the "seed stocks" and technology used to build the world’s worst micro-beasts. However, Dr. "Con" sweetly claims America ended its terrible trials at Fort Detrick in 1969 when Richard Nixon pledged a moratorium on offensive biological weapons production.

The scientific literature states that Nixon’s propaganda ploy actually accelerated funding and production of bioweapons of mass destruction. Offensive biological weaponry advanced covertly in America thereafter under the guises of "defensive biological weaponry," "cancer research," "genetic engineering," and more recently, "biotechnology."

Nothing is said about America’s hundreds of bioweapons labs still operating nationwide under these guises in military facilities, universities, and private companies under CIA, Department of Defense (DOD), and Battelle Memorial Institute (BMI) contracts.

Remember the anthrax mailings that even the mainstream media tracked to our government’s doorstep? The CIA and the massive multi-national military mall in Ohio, BMI, was where the "buck stopped" and the hyper-weaponized mailed strain originated.

After following my lead, William Broad of The New York Times broke this story in his Dec. 13, 2001 feature article. He bravely named the CIA’s top secret "Project Clearvision," administered by BMI, as the likeliest source of this high-tech anthrax. Apparently, Dr. "Con" and her colleagues have decided to avoid mention of this proven bit of history to their viewers.

Dr. Cono’s co-host and featured figure in this "History of Bioterrorism" are, coincidentally, two men linked to the deadly anthrax mailings. The FBI refused to indict CIA classified contractors William Patrick, III and Kanatjan Alibekov. Instead, the former is credited in the broadcast as a "Biological Weapons Consultant"; Dr. Alibekov is said to be a high level "Russian defector."

The real history of the anthrax mailings murders reveal that these two men collaborated and consulted for the CIA on Project Clearvision. These two men are considered the world’s leading anthrax experts and both were under CIA and BMI contracts at the time this precise bioengineered spore was hatched.

Dr. Patrick actually drafted a classified report on what the dispersal capability of the mailed anthrax would be months prior to the actual mailings on behalf of BMI and the CIA.

It is patently clear these two men were the source of this scourge since no other experts were capable, nor high tech hardware available, to bioengineer the Ames strain of anthrax that was BMI-tested at Dugway Proving Grounds, hyper-concentrated, electro-magnetized, and silica sensitized to spread, carry, and kill far better than anything the world had ever seen.

This is a rare treat for me, having conducted several investigations into American made biological weapons. Reading between the lines and picking apart this blatant propaganda with tantalizing truths is made easy by H&HS TV’s "History of Bioterrorism."

This opportunity has prompted me to produce a documentary to fill in the large gaps of knowledge, and blanks left in your mind, by this 30-minute superficial treatment of the serious social and scientific subject of bioterrorism. It is imperative to set the record straight about the agents and agencies threatening our humanity, and all life on this planet, with mass destruction.

Your prayers for a regime change, if not a complete transformation of our deadly political system, are encouraged.

Dr. Horowitz is an internationally known authority in public health, emerging diseases, and natural healing. Author of more than sixteen books, he is globally known as the most outspoken critic of the genocide he ascribes to the "military-medical-petrochemical-pharmaceutical cartel." His website is, and his recommended readings on this subject may be found at

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