From the June 2007 Idaho Observer:

If the U.S. is run by organized criminals, then "Don" Guiliani should be president

Former New York City Mayor Rudy Guiliani is running for president as a Republican. So far his campaign reveals he is not familiar with the contents of the president’s 9/11 Commission Report, is evasive of probative questions regarding 9/11, is willing to arrest the reporters who ask them and parrots the Republican party line regarding the "war on terror."

May 23

During the second Republican primary debate May 23, 2007, Guiliani verbally attacked fellow panelist Congressman Ron Paul (R-Texas).

Dr. Paul said the attacks on the United States on September 11 were "blowback" from the American government’s interventionist foreign policy.

Giuliani, insisting they hate us for our "freedom," demanded Paul retract his statement. Paul refused.

"So all Ron Paul was basically saying was that—even as the 9/11 Commission Report indicated—there were consequences for our presence in the Middle East and if we seriously want to address the terrorism problem we have to be serious about that issue," former CIA counterterrorism expert Philip Giraldi said in a June 6, 2007 radio interview with

Giraldi also observed that, "Giuliani indicated that he was not only not serious about that issue, but seemed to be ignorant of both the 9/11 [Commission] report and political realities in the Middle East."

June 5

At a press conference June 5, freelance reporter Matt Lepacek was reporting the Republican Primary Presidential Debate for with CNN credentials. Jason Bermas was reporting for and America from Freedom to Fascism. According to Bermas, he and Lepacek were questioning Guiliani staffers on a variety of issues, including his apparent ignorance of The 9/11 Commission Report, as evidenced by his verbal attack of Cong. Ron Paul May 23. The staff members accused the reporters of Ron Paul partisanship, which they denied. It was at this point that Lepacek said, "You stated to Peter Jennings, on live television, that you were told in advance the towers were going to collapse. Who told you?"

Lepacek was wearing a camera connected to a laptop that was transmitting the press conference live at approximately 9:20 EST. When Lepacek announced that he was broadcasting live, Giuliani staff members responded by getting upset at his questions. Giuliani’s press secretary then called over New Hampshire state police, fingering Lepacek.

Though CNN staff members tried to persuade police not to arrest the accredited reporter—in violation of the First Amendment—Lepacek was taken to jail. The police station told that Lepacek is being charged with felony criminal trespass.

Sept. 11 clean up

Guiliani was the City’s mayor during 9/11 and was, therefore, intimately involved at the highest levels of responding to the crisis. Any pretense of ignorance on the subject of 9/11 cannot be believed. Plus, his actions as mayor during the "cleanup" of Ground Zero indicates Guiliani was scrubbing a crime scene—not leading his City through a crisis.

The New York Times has taken the position of being critical of Guiliani’s handling of the cleanup effort, echoing lawsuit claims that Guiliani hired his own, lesser experienced guys to conduct a hurried cleanup while knowingly placing Ground Zero workers’ health in jeopardy from toxic exposures.

The Times reported May 14, 2007, that the Guiliani administration threatened contractors working on the "pile" that they would be penalized or fired if work slowed. "Administration officials also on some occasions gave flawed public representations of the nature of the health threat, even as they privately worried about exposure to lawsuits by sickened workers," The Times article explained.

Suzanne Mattei, director of the New York office of the Sierra Club, explains Guiliani’s post-9/11 cleanup policies as "a conspiracy of purpose." Mattei added, "It wasn’t people running around saying, ‘Don’t do this safely.’ But there was a unified attempt to do everything as fast as possible, to get everything up and running as fast as possible. Anything in the way of that just tended to be ignored."

Now, as a candidate for president, he refuses to answer insightful questions about 9/11, even though he supplied an amicus brief to the court regarding WTC leaseholder Larry Silverstein’s insurance claims, recommending that the court view the Twin Towers as having collapsed as a result of two terrorist attacks so he could be awarded double damages on his $multi-billion claim.

Selling America

Guiliani, through his Houston law firm Bracewell and Guiliani, is recognized by the Texas Department of Transportation as the sole law firm representing Cintra Concessions & Infrustreacturas, the Spanish investment consortium being granted concessions to operate toll roads in Texas, Chicago and througout the U.S.

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