From the June 2007 Idaho Observer:

Doing our duty to report crimes

Don Meserlian, 79, of North Caldwell, NJ, is a safety engineer, a symphonic violinist, the father of a 47-year-old (DPT) vaccine-damaged autistic son and describes himself as an armed but non-violent, "Unamerikan Domestic Terrorist and Unlawful Enemy Combatant" dedicated to overthrowing every level of government in order to restore the Constitution.

Meserlian, founder of the private safety standards writing group Voices of Safety International (VOSI, see ad page 23), on every level, is an activist. For decades he has been tirelessly advocating the adoption of standards to promote public health, protect consumers and prevent environmental degradation. He has conducted many creative public awareness campaigns to generate the cultural climate wherein politicians are compelled to adopt standards and policies that prioritize the common good over corporate influence. Among Meserlian’s most recent accomplishments are the signing of proclamations by governors of several states (IA, KY, MO, NJ, NM, OK) in recognition of April as "Autism Awareness Month." By seeking recognition of the autism epidemic among the governors of the several states, Meserlian is creating the foundation upon which the real causes of autism—in utero and post-natal body burdens of heavy metals such as mercury and aluminum through "routine" childhood vaccinations and environmental exposures—can be discussed and appropriate safety standards to minimize causative exposures adopted.

Note that 1 in 150 American children (New Jersey has the nation’s highest incidence of autism with 1 in 94 children) are being diagnosed autistic.

Most recently, Meserlian found that law enforcement agencies in the several states and the federal government provide forms upon which citizens can report crimes. As we all know, crimes abound and it is time to begin reporting them. Below is an edited version of a "Citizens’ Duty Report Form" Meserlian forwarded to the FBI in relation to the crimes of 9/11 and the need for an investigation into who really committed them. Considering that Osama bin Laden is not being sought by the FBI in connection with 9/11 because it has no evidence linking the alleged al Qaeda leader to the crime, perhaps America’s lead investigative agency ought to find out who committed the deadliest and costliest attack ever on U.S. soil.

Meserlian believes that if the FBI office responsible for the "PENTBOM" investigation is sent thousands of Citizen Duty Report Forms calling for an investigation of key issues regarding 9/11, it will force FBI agents, as a matter of unavoidable administrative procedure, to respond and explain themselves to us.

What could happen inside the FBI if agents were responding to thousands of report forms "requesting" that the obvious incongruities of 9/11 be investigated? What could happen if these reports were CCd to local media, local authorities and civic leaders?

June 9, 2007

Citizens request for FBI Investigation of 9/11

For Better Information…From Bad Information


1. FBI Press Release, 9/27/01: Photographs of 19 Arabs alleged to be the 9/11 hijackers

2. True Democracy 9/11/01: "Six Men Identified by FBI as Dead Hijackers are Alive"

3. The Report of the Citizens Commission on 9/11: "Who Were the 19 Terrorists?"

4. 9/11 Pogo News" (at; about VOSI)

5. The 9/11 Commission Report

FBI Bad Information:

1. Based on references 2 and 3, between six and nine of the FBI’s alleged hijackers (reference 1) are still alive.

2. The FBI failed to look beyond the hijackers and has not yet investigated the scientific facts found in reference 3 that disprove the government’s "pancake theory" explanation for how burning jet fuel caused the Twin Towers to collapse.

3. The FBI failed to explain why key testimony by eyewitnesses that explosions occurred in the basement before the planes struck the twin towers was omitted from reference 5.


This FBI acronym for "Pentagon Twin Towers Bombing" is the closest to the truth the FBI has produced since reference 4 presents photographs, seismographs and other scientific evidence proving that basement explosions were recorded before the planes struck the Twin Towers.

For Better Information:

1. Review references 3 & 4 thoroughly to understand the scientific facts that will lead to a determination of what caused the Twin Towers to collapse on 9/11.

2. Read 9/11 Pogo News to learn:

A. Marvin Bush, the youngest brother of George W. Bush (Amerika’s Chief Village Idiot) was an officer in Stratosec, a corporation responsible for security at the World Trade Center. Of greatest significance is the contract termination date: 9/10/01. Somebody knew there was no need for security on and/or after 9/11/01.

B. Seismographic evidence detected explosions in the basements of WTC 1 & 2 (the Twin Towers) before the planes struck them; seismographs also show underground explosions prior to the collapse of WTC Building 7 which was not struck by an airplane.

C. Both towers fell down in the same time as objects in freefall, thereby disproving the "pancake collapse" theory. Photographic evidence shows molten steel in the basements of the buildings and horizontal jets of debris (squibs) below the black smoke being emitted by burning jet fuel. This proves that the collapse of both towers and Building 7 was a planned demolition whereby all three steel-framed buildings collapsed in their own footprints.

I am requesting the FBI to review the above facts and end the cover-up of the truth that spawned the illegal war in Iraq, Dept. of Homeland Security, two unconstitutional laws: the Patriot and Military Commissions Act that are destroying our constitutional rights. The fact that Congress has approved these laws proves the need for non-violent domestic terrorism (per the definition of "domestic terrorist" contained in the USA Patriot Act) by patriotic citizens to overthrow the current tyranny.

Once the FBI confirms the truth of 9/11, the goal is to relay your confirmation of the preceding evidence to the Dept. of Justice in order to charge both George W. Bush and Richard Cheney with high treason.

Please assign an FBI agent to contact me for further discussion.



Note: It is ironic that when good people properly and respectfully present evidence to law enforcement authorities proving that public officials are involved in serious criminal acts that include racketeering, mass murder and treason, they can be accused of "coercing and intimidating public officials," which is one criterion for being identified as a "domestic terrorist" per the USA Patriot Act.

According to Meserlian, if well-intended people are to be branded "domestic terrorists" for their inability to tolerate the crimes of tyrants and their mandarins, then so be it.

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