From the June 2007 Idaho Observer:

Utilities cut to Brown’s NH home

Feds increase pressure on couple to give up and go to prison for evasion of taxes they do not owe

As of June 14, the feds have cut all utilities to the home of Ed and Elaine Brown. Rather than storming the Brown’s beautiful Plainfield, NH home, taking them into custody or killing them en route to prison, the feds appear willing to wait until the couple comes crawling out.

The Associated Press (AP) quoted U.S. Marshal Steve Monier as stating that waiting the Browns out could take months but that time was on the federal government’s side. "He said he hoped prison would seem like an agreeable option for the Browns after a summer without air conditioning and possibly a winter without heat," the AP reported June 14, 2007.

The Browns were tried and convicted of income tax evasion last April and have refused to report to prison. The Browns believe, as do millions of Americans and one viable presidential candidate, that there is no law compelling individuals to pay income taxes and it is unlawful for the government to directly tax the wages and salaries of Americans without apportionment.

Monier explained that he does not want to see the Browns hurt and just wants justice to be served. "We have seized their phone and Internet service, and two days ago, we cut their power," Monier said. "It’s a continuing effort to move them along to understand they need to do the right thing, and this is to surrender to us."

The Manchester Union Leader, the local newspaper, has been flooded with calls and emails from all over the country supportive of the Browns. You can help, too, by calling Sheriff Prozzo at (603) 863-4200; the U.S. Marshall at (603) 225-1632 and; Gov. John Lynch at (603) 271-2121. Also call NH Senator Peter Burling at (603) 271-2642 and state reps Carla Skinder (603) 542-6065 and Matthew Hoode (603) 504-2744. In all cases, ask the public official contacted if they have ever seen Aaron Russo’s documentary, "America—From Freedom to Fascism" and offer to send them a copy.

Citizen response has been intense. The Brown’s are standing for us right now. We must not let them stand in vain; let’s make their stand count. ~The IO

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