From the June 2007 Idaho Observer:

Vaccine/autism connection case goes to court

Though underreported in the mindcontrol media, credible science presented by plaintiffs in Cedillo v. The Department of Health and Human Services (June 11-15, 2007) is establishing the link between government-recommended childhood vaccines and the nationís autism epidemic. Cedillo is the first of nine autism test cases to be heard in the vaccine courtís Omnibus Autism Proceeding. These nine cases are bringing together more than 4,800 claims alleging that vaccines and their components caused neurodevelopmental disorders, including autism in children. The Cedillo case was heard in the United States Court of Federal Claim before three administrative judges.

On Sunday, June 3, The Boston Globe printed a lengthy article, "How a legal case could cripple one of modern medicineís greatest achievements" by vaccine proponent and patent holder Dr. Paul Offitt. Television news stations throughout the week of the trial broadcast reports from so-called experts that discredited any association between thimerosal (49.6% ethyl mercury) containing vaccines and the MMR (measles, mumps, rubella) vaccine and the subsequent development of autism.

Michelle Cedillo is now 12 years old and suffers from a litany of health problems, including severe autism, inflammatory bowel disease, glaucoma and epilepsy. Her parents, Theresa and Michael Cedillo, are convinced that the accumulation of mercury from the vaccines she received during her well-baby check ups weakened their daughterís immune system and prevented her body from clearing the measles virus after she was given the MMR vaccine at age 15 months.

Mary Holland, Esq., has provided detailed reports of what has transpired each day of this precedent-setting court case. Her summaries are online at Next month The IO will provide details and report the outcome of Cedillo.

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