From the June 2007 Idaho Observer:

Regarding the postal rate increases...

Everyone who obtains bulk rate mail permits is discovering that what went into effect May 15, 2007, was not merely a U.S Postal Service (USPS) rate increase. Aside from another irritating 2-cent hike for first class stamps, the "rate increase" is actually a complete overhaul of the entire bulk rate mailing system to reward junk mailers and large-circulation corporate print media publishers while punishing bulk rate permit holders who send less than 125 pieces to "ADC" areas. An ADC area is the collection of zip codes sent directly to specific U.S. Post Office terminals for regional delivery processing.

Prior to May 15, 2007, it cost .363 (36 cents) each to mail The IO with our bulk rate permit. Now it is 51 cents—unless we have over 125 pieces in an ADC area, at which point it would cost 21 cents to mail each piece.

So, our cost to mail The IO—and the cost to mail almost all small-circulation newspapers—has almost doubled. But, the cost to mail large circulation newspapers (and junk mail) decreased significantly. Sizes, shapes and weights have also changed in such a devious way that large circulation pubs are safe and small circulation pubs cannot escape the dramatic increase in bulk rate costs by refolding, reformatting or repackaging.

In a 280-page "decision," the USPS described its rationale for implementing the complex web of seemingly nonsensical weirdness postal patrons—and postal employees—are now being forced to endure. In it we find that the USPS adopted a plan submitted to it by media giant Time-Warner. I think this is racketeering.

It seems that at least three agendas are being served here: Economic pressure is being placed upon unassociated small publishers so associated big publishers can get closer to realizing a media monopoly; small independent presses will go out of business and their dissident voices subsequently silenced and; this is one more (engineered) reason to make people mad at the USPS so that it can eventually be disbanded and mail services jobbed out to private enterprises like FedEX and UPS.

After careful and prayerful consideration, The IO has decided it will not pass on the increased cost of mailing to our extended family of readers by raising subscription rates. We have weathered three previous postage rate hikes without raising our subscription rates and we will weather this one, also. We are all straining under the increasingly inflated/depressed economic circumstances of fractured reserve warmongering America and, therefore, in a very intimate sense, we are all in this together—for better or worse. We also know in our dissident hearts and faithful souls that we are not in print by the grace of Time-Warner or government regulators; our grace is granted by a much higher authority. (For more information, go to


In the absence of making friends, get to know your enemies

Most of those who have government jobs and are out there enforcing and administrating government policies are just dressed up humans. Government employees may dress themselves in their "just doin’ my job" costumes before going to work, but underneath their badges of authority and NWO business suits, they look just like us—naked; they, too, have histories, skeletons, strengths, weaknesses, families, friends, pets, assets, hopes and dreams just like normal naked people.

At this time, the policies of government are becoming unbearably invasive and authoritarian. All over the country, government policies are compelling government employees to engage in activities that are really making us mad. The list is too long and beyond the scope of this column, but between poisoning lakes and roadways, regulating private property and enterprise, trespassing without just cause and taxing us to death, whatever "services" government has to offer are thin and pale compared to the robust and fully engorged disservices being forced upon us.

Non-government employees have a tendency to only see government badges, boots, suits and ties and fail to see the naked human underneath; we incorrectly view government employees as animated forms of otherwise inanimate government. This, I think, is one of the most consistent errors we make when inanimate government, through its dressed up humans, animates its policies to impact our lives.

As decent, compassionate people who understand that intent is the most powerful force in the universe, it is our responsibility to do what we can to turn negatives into positives. Since interface with government is almost always negative from the point of first contact these days, it is up to us to make it positive. Keeping in mind the naked human under the government badge (or whatever), you can be friendly, tell them how you used to think differently but personal experiences and good information changed your mind regarding the issues in controversy. Then offer to supply them with information supporting your opinions and then tell them you sure wished you had known the truth a long time ago because the wrong way of doing things is going to leave a horrible mess for our children and grandchildren to either live with or clean up.

View this tactic as "honesty-based psyops." By not making them "wrong" or putting them on the authoritarian-just-doin’-my-job-government-policy-enforcement defensive, you are leading them through the exact process of how your mind was changed by experience, truth and consequences; the ball is now in their court and maybe you have made a friend and convert.

Should being honest and friendly fail to change the government employee’s opinion (or government finds another employee willing to enforce bad government policies), we must still appeal to the naked human under the badge. Be assured that "they" know everything there is to know about us. To be fair, we should also know everything there is to know about them.

Through public sources one can legally, lawfully and legitimately document nearly anyone’s educational, criminal and employment backgrounds, credit history, asset acquisitions and community activities. By talking with people who know certain people, we can legally find out all sorts of interpersonal details about those who have chosen to hide their naked selves behind government badges to impact our lives. Between records and anecdotes, we can know our enemies.

Obviously, the paragraphs above are not detailed instruction manuals for how to win government friends or influence government enemies to leave us alone or find honest work elsewhere. What they do is illustrate that our primary focus ought to be changing the negative energy on the planet by projecting honesty and positive energy. But, it should also be understood that all creatures in the universe have the right to defend themselves—and the best defense is a good offense.

Both tactics require that we be honest and creative and either one, individually and collectively, will advance our objective, which is to render impotent the injurious and invasive, paper-and-ink policies of government by discouraging naked humans from wearing the uniforms animating them. ~DWH

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