From the May 2007 Idaho Observer:

By whose authority?

EINs and tax ID numbers are evidence of employee/

corporation status

Below is a continuation of the quo warranto approach initiated by Augustus Blackstone in the Dec., 2006 edition ofThe IO.

As we seek to overcome the constructs that have been developed to exploit us, we find that the constitutionally-created government we believe exists is not the one currently taxing, regulating and imprisoning us.

What most people today refer to as "government" is really a grafted on, defacto fourth branch of government. This "administrative" branch is comprised of a number of affiliated corporate entities funneling the money it extracts from the people through a network of alter ego corporation entities.

Public disclosure requests reveal that the United States (Inc.), all of the states, all of the counties, etc., are corporation entities. Each of them has their own approved and assigned employee identification number (EIN). An EIN will not will not be approved and assigned without certification of corporate or similar fictitious business enterprise status. In legal contemplation, the EIN is the evidence that what we are dealing with in terms of "government" is nothing more than a corporation. A mere corporation has no governmental/police power authority over anyone who is not an officer or employer of or under contact to that corporation.

Using Oregon as an example, the state of Oregon (inc.) has its own EIN; the Oregon State Bar has its own EIN; the Judicial Department (state "courts") has its own EIN; the Department of Justice has its own EIN, etc.

The latter three are alter ego corporation entities to the corporation entity styled as "State of Oregon," which is, itself, an alter ego corporation entity of the United States corporation (which has its own EIN). Even the IRS has its own EIN and itís the entity that issues the numbers.

Regarding quo warranto, the theme should be: By what authority do (or did) you, a mere alter ego corporation entity/employee, exercise the authority of a Public Office under Public Law (as distinguished from administrative/corporate "policy") over me and/or my property?

The EIN will prove the corporate status and certified verification of each participantís Public Employee Retirement System (for state and local) and Federal Employee Retirement System membership/account will prove the employee status.

For a quo warranto to succeed, one must get this hard evidence to support the writ and any attendant argument(s). With the exception of the bar association, there has been little difficulty in getting EINs through public disclosure requests. You must make it clear that you are not requesting personal information, just certified verification of the existence or non-existence of a membership account for each individual.

One must also be sure to bring the writ into the correct court under the correct jurisdiction. Keep in mind that corporation entities are insured under tag registry numbers and all insurance is under maritime jurisdiction.

The process is developing and The IO will keep our readers apprised of developments as they become available.

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