From the May 2007 Idaho Observer:

Nations are destroyed by politicians promising something for nothing

Irwin Schiff and his partner Cindy Neun were sent to prison for telling people there is no law compelling them to pay federal income tax on their wages and salaries. Curiously, Judge Dawson prohibited Irwin and Cindy from using the law in their own defense in his court.

In essence, Irwin and Cindy were lawlessly sent to prison for telling people there was no law compelling them to pay a direct federal "income" tax on their wages and salaries.

Following are the points that have been proven with regard to the enforcement of the internal revenue code:

1. No one is liable for paying federal income taxes on their wages and salaries.

2. Wages and salaries are not "incomes" taxable under current law.

3. The IRS has no legal (or lawful) authority to enforce the payment of wage and salary taxes under the guise they are taxable as "income."

4. Not only were Irwin and Cindy framed, convicted and kangarooed into prison for violating laws that do not exist, everyone who has ever been convicted of failing to pay a direct, federal "income" tax on their wages and salaries has also been framed, convicted and kangarooed into prison for violating laws that do not exist.

Why does the federal government insist upon turning law-abiding people into convicted felons and ordering them to join the prison slave labor pool? The answer, my friend, is not "blowing in the wind." The answer is in the mirror.

In a recent letter, Irwin candidly explained the situation:

"Nations are destroyed by governments taxing their citizens so they can embark on grandiose projects. Governments can only tax producers and soon it taxes them out of existence. In the case of the U.S., politicians want to get elected and the best way to do that is to promise the people something for nothing. Unfortunately, a majority of the people really believe the government can provide them with something for nothing. So, the government taxes producers for the benefit of non-producers and, in so doing, there are progressively more non-producers and fewer producers until the remaining producers are too few to support the nation."

Most people do not realize that Irwin has been sounding this alarm since the 60s. On Jan. 30 and 31, 1968, Irwin testified before the Senate Committee on Banking and Currency as it was preparing to fix the economic crisis of the day by removing entirely the gold backing of Federal Reserve notes. Among the points to which he testified were:

1. Prices increase as a direct and unavoidable result of inflating the money supply (note that Irwin stated this 40 years ago. The government, through the Federal Reserve, was inflating the money supply then and has been increasing it, exponentially, ever since).

2. The government has been collecting revenue through this policy of inflating the money supply—a policy for which they have no lawful authority to administrate.

Irwin pointed out that he has spent a lot of time studying the subject of inflation because understanding it was essential if the currency crisis was to be resolved. "That the current administration does not understand the problem or how to solve it is obvious since they now propose removing gold backing of Federal Reserve notes."

In 1968, Irwin charged the federal government with gross mismanagement of our money system. He predicted inflation would collapse the economy and he wanted to help prevent that from happening. He may have underestimated the desire of money mismanagers to keep the money system going due to the immense "profits" being reaped by non-producers capitalizing on the revenues generated from inflation—at the expense of producers.

Irwin is encouraging everyone to go to his website and read his supplemental appeal brief wherein he proves the four points enumerated above. If you have never read Irwin’s court filings, do yourself a favor. He is entertaining, astute, informative and his contempt for non-producers in government subtly flavors his legal arguments.


Letter from Irwin Schiff

Hello Boys and Girls,

The photo [this letter is posted at and comes with a photo] of the [WWII-era] Fort Dix Prisoner of War Camp - but happily I’m in a part somewhat more comfortable, and built more recently. But the barbed wire is just as sharp.

My nearby Supplemental Appeals reveal not only the blatant injustice in the convictions of Cindy, Larry and myself but also the fraud and illegality involved in all such prosecutions. They also provide information that will help all those being harassed by the IRS as it goes about (without authority) illegally enforcing the income tax. Download them by all means, and send copies to newspapers and radio talk show hosts.

The public should also be made aware that it is the government’s illegal enforcement of the income tax that has destroyed America’s industrial base, making America now totally dependent on the importation of foreign goods (on credit) and on the importation of capital, making America’s forthcoming economic collapse all but inevitable. Unfortunately - thanks to our own government - we are destined to experience what Chief Justice John Marshall warned us about: "The power to tax involves the power to destroy."

I have always believed that Federal Judges misrepresented the income tax laws because they believed they were sufficiently complicated (even though they are benign) so that the public could not figure out what they were doing; and even if they could figure that out, still could not generate the interest and publicity to expose them. But I really believe that my two Supplemental Briefs solve this problem. They are short enough and interesting enough and incisive enough (and the Court’s actions blatant enough) to convince anyone of the obvious scam that has been going on. How can the 9th Circuit overlook the "four statutes working together" instruction, when it has already ruled that such an instruction is nonsense? - and the Tally cross examination?

So please, when you have studied these Appeals and if you feel their conclusions are justified, write the 9th Circuit accordingly. Let them know what you think of the quality of justice provided at our trial and whether you believe a reversal of our convictions is warranted; see "Communicating" at Keep your letters short and respectful, and be sure to cite the case name and Docket Number.

So, here is insight into how tax trials are conducted in the US of A; the Honorable Kent J Dawson presiding.

Your friend,

Irwin Schiff.

Irwin Schiff #08537-014

FCI Ft. Dix

PO Box 2000, Unit 5752

Fort Dix, NJ 08640


Notes from Cindy

Cindy is doing federal time with a group of women who call themselves "The Golden Girls." They are between 60 and 80, have never been in prison before and all have something in common: They were farmers/landowners and enrolled themselves in federal farming programs. We should have the shocking story together soon. Just when you thought the feds couldn’t go any lower...

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