From the May 2007 Idaho Observer:

"They all look alike"

How many Chos does it take to murder 36 people and then shoot himself in the back of the head? Since last month, many details of the Virginia Tech massacre have surfaced—Cho’s family history, his angry and introverted personality and his predilection for violence-obsessed writing and producing violent images.

Another detail that has surfaced is how the picture of Cho taken before the incident is not the same person who photographed himself during the incident.

Above is a comparative analysis of the two Chos and their respective features. Artist Jim Keith stated in email, "I trained myself early on with portraits of ordinary people: over several years I probably did between 5000 and 7000 of these. Along the way, of necessity, the basics (the set of the eyes, the ear shape and placement, coupled with the spacing and size of the nose and lips) all of that became second nature and from that experience, the two images here are definitely (for me) of two very different people."

Indeed, it does appear to even the untrained eye that these are two different people. That the mindcontrol media reporting this story has not mentioned this obvious disparity indicates its role, once again, as an accessory to this crime.

If "X" is not Cho, then what happened to Cho and who is X? It is interesting that a violent crime was committed and neither question has an answer. What we can state with absolute certainty is that the truth about what happened at Virginia Tech the morning of April 18, 2007, is not being publicly disclosed by state or federal law enforcement officials and the mindcontrol media is not asking questions that would force truth into the light.

Though the "independent" investigation into Cho and the incident at Virginia Tech is ongoing, we can see that it fits a pattern that has been emerging since the 1993 Twin Tower and Murrah Federal Building bombings:

1. The government explanation is obviously inconsistent with ground-zero evidence.

2. The mindcontrol media adopts the government story as if it were fact.

3. Unsatisfied with the government story, independent investigators get to work.

4. Independent investigators uncover mountains of evidence disproving the government explanation.

5. The mindcontrol media continues to parrot the government story regardless because the incident is being used to advance a political cause like gun control.

This incident is unique in that it seems to have backfired: Almost immediately, the call to rearm responsible citizens was echoing all over the nation and a gun control ordinance in Knoxville, TN, was reversed. So, rather than the mindcontrol media morbidly parading Cho and his 36 victims across America’s TV screens as posterchildren for stricter gun control, the incident is fading away...unless Cho or one of the 36 was someone you knew.

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