From the May 2007 Idaho Observer:

The "ists" and "ism’s" dividing us

What came first—the "ist (communist, capitalist, Zionist, Papist, plagiarist)" or the "ism (communism, capitalism, Zionism, Papism, plagiarism)?

Since the beginning, a group that will be referred to as "they," or "them," have sought to mold members of the other group, which will be referred to as, "we, or "us," to behave according to conditions they’ve created. The world is now and has always been divided into these two mutually exclusive, socio/political classes.

Now let’s define "us and them": "Us" are the commoners—the laborers, farmers, administrators and soldiers; "them" are the global elite—captains of industry, heads of state, international bankers and royalty.

A logical look at "ists" and "isms"

Throughout history, "ists" and "isms" have been forced upon us so that our energies can be harnessed and our minds controlled. In this way, the bulk of humanity, "us," has been living, or dying, at the convenience and pleasure of others—"them." The relevance of this base dynamic is true today on a level that is cumulatively more complex than each day (year, decade, century, millennium) previous to it.

As our schedules of "ists" and "isms" become more numerous with the passage of time, problems between one another accumulate and our tendency is to blame our problems on someone (an "ist") or something (an "ism"). Because we are forever looking to blame our problems on an "ist" or an "ism," the zealots are always eager to provide us with them. To their perpetual satisfaction, we internalize their "isms," become their "ists" and, infused with "ism-based" social and political attitudes, we divide ourselves and judge one another accordingly.

These observations, combined with scores of contemporary examples, both witnessed globally and experienced personally, expose the root of why the bulk of humanity has forever been poisoned, dumbed down, mass murdered and exploited by the duplicitous military and law enforcement minions of political and religious zealots.

As our contemporary problem plots thicken, "ists" are being more deeply drawn into "ism-based" conflicts with one another—the conflicts between Zionists, Papists, Islamists and Dominionists, for instance, are causing much misery in the world today and "we" are obsessed with blaming each other. "We" are killing and being killed by one another and our homes, families, communities and nations are being destroyed while "they" use "us" to increase their wealth and political power.

Refusing to be seduced into prejudging my fellow man based upon prejudices created for me, I honor individuality. Therefore I ascribe primary responsibility (credit or liability) to individuals; their races, theologies, ethnicities, occupations or group affiliations, while often interesting, are of secondary importance to me. Why? Because "isms" are two-dimensional, ink-and-paper constructs imagining conceptual/philosophical ideals into existence; flesh-and-blood individual "ists" then choose to physically animate the requirements of those ideals as reflections of their own private needs and desires.

That is why I refuse to blame the Jews, Catholics, Protestants, Moslems, Buddhists, blacks, whites, yellows, reds, browns, grays, gays, lesbians, liberals, fascists, conservatives, communists or socialists for the problems of the world—or credit them for solving its problems. It’s the individual ("ist") who, of his own free will, performs the good or ill functions of an "ism."

We have now answered the question, "What came first, the ‘ist’ or the ‘ism’?" The "ism" has to be in place for the "ist" to animate it’s offices. Since we cannot blame our problems (or our happiness) on pieces of paper or the inky concepts written thereupon, then we have no option but to assign credit or liability to the individual-ist who chose to perform the functions described.

Emotionalism and political agendas

The logical aspect of the great blame game is, I believe, rested. Now let us address the emotional side of the blame game—the side that divides "us" along lines "they" create.

Long before becoming an opposition journalist, I had an unusual demeanor allowing me to de-escalate many emotionally-tense social situations with logic and reason. This capacity surfaced when I was a child and carried on through young adulthood and continues to this day. I learned early in life that emotionally-supercharged people predictably act out the full spectrum of extreme behaviors—anger, violence, happiness, sadness—while people capable of listening to logic and reason are thoughtful, conciliatory and lucid.

If you think back on your life and experiences, you will see that this is a rule: Angry, emotional people cause more problems than they solve while logical people are calm, dependable problem-solvers.

Political agendas are advanced on emotionalism, not logic, because we humans prefer to blame our problems and the problems of the world on "ists," and "isms." When we are honest with ourselves, we can see how everything we have ever done (good or bad) and everything that has ever been done to us (good or bad) was actually the result of something we created.

Divided is conquered. "They" have been happily and profitably dividing and conquering "us" since Sumeria by encouraging us to "ismatically" hate and distrust one another. Though all us commoners really desire is a decent life and a safe place to raise our children, "we" keep falling for the same tricks that keep us impoverished, pointing harshly prejudicial fingers of blame at one another and warring amongst each other to the pleasure and profit of "them." It is my sincere belief that for this angry, murderous, ismatically-driven cycle to stop, "we" must first begin taking responsibility for our own thoughts and actions.

And, by the way, I think all roads lead to Rome. ~DWH

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