From the April 2007 Idaho Observer:

Oh, really? Explain this, Bill

Fox News "no spin" doctor Bill "Oh, Really" O’Reilly believes that those who question the government’s explanation for 9/11 "...hate their country."

During an interview last October, O’Reilly called 9/11 truth scholar Jim Fetzer, PhD, " the guys who believe space aliens kidnapped Elvis..."

According to O’Reilly, it is irresponsible to allege that the Bush administration orchestrated the 9/11 attacks because it is impossible; "thousands of Americans would have to buy into it....and keep their mouths shut about it."

O’Reilly also claims allegations that 9/11 was an inside job are "...based on nothing." He said to Prof. Fetzer, "If you had the evidence, sir, you would be on the frontpage of The New York Times in a heartbeat."

Last July, O’Reilly aired his hopes that 9/11 truther Prof. Kevin Barrett would be found " the Charles River floating down toward the harbor."

More recently, in response to comments Rosie O’Donnell made in reference to her concerns about the Gulf of Tonkin incident, the 15 British sailors captured in Iranian territorial waters and the official 9/11 story, O’Reilly said, "Ms. O’Donnell is now actively supporting Iran against her own country and Britain."

By implication, O’Reilly believes that anyone who questions the official story that jet fuel caused the Twin Towers to collapse is a "nut" because there is no "evidence." Pictured is the post collapse North Tower after the dust had settled. "No evidence, ‘oh, really,’ Bill? Could you please explain how jet fuel from the 94th floor could cut the steel column [center, above fireman] at such a precise angle so close to ground level?"

We 9/11 truthers believe this photo (and hundreds of others) are "evidence." Perhaps, Bill, if you personally carried this photo over to the New York Times it would, in a heartbeat, be on the frontpage?

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