From the April 2007 Idaho Observer:

What happens when the birds and bees are all gone?

It is being reported all over the world that large numbers of birds are being found dead. It is now being reported all over the world that bees are not being found dead; they are just not being found. Entire hives, or colonies of bees are disappearing, possibly because intense, omnipresent ionizing radiation is preventing them from finding their way home. It is estimated that, without pollination, all life will die out within four years. Humbling, isnít it? Following is a list of probable causes being considered by corporate-neutral groups and individuals who consider letting the birds and bees die as tantamount to self-inflicted genocide: The concentration of persistent organic pollutants in the air, on the land, in the water and both in and on plants and animals consumed as food; adverse reactions to genetically-modified organisms and wireless age radiation. We think its all of the above and the birds and bees, in this case, are our canaries. That places us in a difficult position, doesnít it? We either change the way we do almost everything, or...

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