From the March 2007 Idaho Observer:

Time + Morons = Result….Repeat

Repetitious duplication = repetitious result – who’d a thunk it?

First they passed the law making possession of machine guns and sawed off shotguns illegal, which was understandable since a legitimate reason for having these would be hard to find. Then the law was passed making it illegal for anyone convicted of murder, assault with a deadly weapon, kidnapping, rape, or armed robbery to possess guns. Though understandable, this law is forbidden to be law by the bill of attainder clause of the U.S. Constitution because it punishes without due process; does not apply to everyone equally and; criminalized non-criminal acts of a group of people described by a law instead of a warrant. The bill of attainder prohibition declares that statute law may not act as a warrant upon individuals or groups of people, all laws for the people must apply to all of the people – equal protection under the law.

Anyway, I remember thinking it ridiculous to make a law forbidding a person who should never be free in society again to possess anything. I was then (as most still are) ignorant of the ways and intent of our so-called lawmakers and judiciary. You see, I thought they had one noble and prime objective – to ferret out the truth, prove that truth and only that truth, and to punish or free an accused person according to that truth so painstakingly established. And, if the truth established that a person was guilty of maliciously committing one of those previously named crimes, then no one would expect them to be among decent people again anyway, so what point did this law serve? Of course, I now know that this law, like most laws made since, are simply "stepping stones" used to pave the path deceptively toward absolute power and rule over the people by government.

The choice of illegitimate law over proper process by government in order to deny peaceful, law-abiding people the constitutional right of self protection reveals that is not the intent of the laws to begin with. Gun shows don’t supply the "criminal world" with guns any more than shopping malls supply teenagers with drugs. But they do present a big stepping stone toward an objective of eliminating individual rights of the people in favor of increased governmental powers. This is an objective toward which Nixon, Reagan, and now Bush working and actively seeking to stack the Supreme Court with like-minded activist judges to secure the power of the elite over the Constitutional concept of equality, liberty, and the ability of self defense for all Americans.

Every word in the U.S. Constitution was designed purposely to describe and limit the powers of the U.S. government for the sole purpose of protecting the people from tyranny. Look up the word "tyranny." I bet you never have. The hypocrites and stone throwers think that their support for government objectives will be rewarded if they should fall prey to accusation or circumstance, but when it is too late, the realization of this folly will render no assistance in response to their pleas for help.

Ours is not a unique time. The props and effects on the stage have changed, but the play is another in a long line of repetitions of the same script that man has acted out throughout history. The astonishing thing is that the actors never seem to catch on that they continuously act out the exact same play that ends the exact same way. They never seem to grow more wise in their roles; just less capable of taking care of themselves. Will this nation be doomed by chicken-headed sheeple who can’t wait for the chance to stone a fellow human at the behest of a government that will corral them into festering cities and prisons while starving them into submission? Oh, wait! It already is!

I am disgusted that so many fought and died for nothing because subsequent generations were too scared, lazy, and stupid to protect from tyrants what was won with the blood of their own ancestors. A child is more attentive to his toy than the people of this nation are to their Constitution – pitiful morons.

Richard Keller

Mitchells, VA

Richard: Just for the record, I looked up the word "tyranny" in Black’s and Bouvier’s. The definitions are reproduced below. Your letter this month is a timely representation of many IO readers’ current thinking—Thanks. (DWH)

Tyranny: Arbitrary or despotic government; the severe and autocratic exercise of sovereign power, either vested constitutionally in one ruler, or usurped by him by breaking down the division and distribution of governmental powers.

~Blacks Law Dictionary, 6th edition

Tyranny: The violation of those laws which regulate the division and the exercise of the sovereign power of the state. It is a violation of its constitution.

~Bouvier’s Law Dictionary (1870)

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