From the March 2007 Idaho Observer:

Amazing: The Moral Majority led the way

As always, I sincerely appreciate the latest issue of The Idaho Observer. It is the highlight of my month and I read it countless times from cover to cover. I do understand the sacrifice each of you make to put this newspaper out before the people and I thank you. I sincerely believe God will greatly bless and reward you here in this life as well as the hereafter. And, speaking of God, Iíd like to raise maybe a question as to Mr. Darrell K. Corbynís article on "Hush Money." In his article he talks of churches and religious organizations not being able to politically fight the new Real ID, the national ID card, enacted by Congress. He asserts that because their religious affiliations are under 501©(3), non-profit status, they will be prevented by law from organizing politically to fight against this I.D.

First, I fully understand and agree with him that the churches and religious organizations will most probably feel unable due to their tax exempt status to battle this evil. However, if they really choose to become politically active and fight this law I believe they know how to do it. I think back to the 1980s, to Rev. Jerry Falwell and his "Moral Majority." It was due to their massive political organization that set the very stage for the Republican fiasco we are still reeling from. Every church in the country was signing up with Falwell to become a nighttime meeting house for a political firestorm. Although I may be speaking from a bad memory, I seem to recall that Falwell was called on the carpet as to his 501©(3) status and tax exemption sometime during these church years. I seem to remember that his church and the Moral Majority fought attempts to block their political organizing by claiming they were not endorsing any particular candidate but was educating the voters as to the different candidates seeking election. Fallwell and Co. was ultimately able to say anything short of "Vote for so and so."

The Moral Majority, in fact, laid the groundwork for any and all churches to publicly fight all the political battles they choose so long as they donít openly endorse particular candidates. Now would definitely be the time for churches to use these loopholes and do political battle against the national ID. And, indeed they should as this issue strikes at the heart of Christian beliefs. Surely church leadersí faith in God is greater than their fear of government revoking their tax exempt corporate status.

Eddie Hatcher,

Taylorsville, North Carolina

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