From the March 2007 Idaho Observer:

Words and people

America today is vastly different from our founding fatherís expectations. They had anticipated future Americans to maintain constitutional principles by employing conscience, instinct, suspicion, jealousy, and common sense.

They believed the forever want of mankind to live freely was matter of fact; thus the Constitution and subsequent Bill of Rights were drafted, debated and eventually ratified. The words within these separate documents (including the Declaration of Independence) are the most precious and powerful words to ever be written throughout American history. Although precious and powerful, the contents within these priceless documents are simply words; they alone cannot defend a single right or principle. Instead there must be a physical manifestation to represent those words.

Throughout these celebrated documents, the term "People" is used repeatedly. Terms, such as, "The Peopleís Right," "Choice," "Will," "Freedom" and "Sovereignty" can be found throughout these documents, used in a sense of clarity defining separations from People, state, and Federal rights and powers. Essentially, the words provide for the People, yet, for the Words to BE and REMAIN effective, the PEOPLE in turn must PROVIDE for the WORDS. To effectively provide for the words requires an informed and dedicated populace.

Many modern Americans erroneously believe that the Words were written solely for Masters of Law to interpret. English Jurist and Legal Scholar Sir William Blackstone (1723-1780) in his First Rule To Interpretation wrote: "Words are generally to be understood according to their usual or popular usage."

This quote is significant for those Americans who feel intimidated by the Constitution and Bill of Rights. It is necessary since the WORDS are designed to serve and protect the PEOPLE, but ONLY if the PEOPLE are willing to serve and protect the WORDS.

The Jan., 2007 edition of The IO brought forth two glowing examples of what happens when the People neglect to provide for those Words.

In Plainfield, NH. a man is hostage to his own home while charged with tax evasion; based upon a fraudulent law which never obtained proper ratification as required by the U.S. Constitution. Presently, the FEDS are masterminding strategy to remove Brown from his property. Some may believe Brown should have simply paid his taxes as does the American majority; but as Hari Heath might tell you, such actions of compliance creates complicity.

In essence, the "employer" is being evicted by the "employee!" Brown needs THE PEOPLE to stand and provide for those Words which guarantee him the right to life, liberty, property and to pursue happiness. In so doing, the Words will provide for him.

In Arkansas, a man named Hollis Wayne Fincher, although different circumstances, also needs the People to help him provide for the Words. He is being denied his Fifth Amendment Right of "Due Process" to explain his defense to the jury as he deems necessary to preserve his liberty. The presiding judge forbade Fincher to defend himself by stating his Second Amendment beliefs to the jury.

Mr. Brown and Mr. Fincher are making a stand for America. But it requires more than a few people to stand with them; it requires America.

Much of the American peopleís understanding of the Constitution and Bill of Rights are vague at best. But there exists one truth requiring no interpretation. We are Americans, born into liberty and in that very same instance born into unequivocal rights and principles designed both past and present. It is our duty, our moral obligation to ensure that the future generations of tomorrow are born into the same rights and principles we labor to maintain today.

With these thoughts in mind, WE THE PEOPLE must stand for these essential truths.

We cannot allow the courts of today to use Brown and Fincher as precedents for the deprivations of our children tomorrow.

Brown and Fincher may be strangers to most of us, but they are not just any pair of strangers. They are Americans.

Darrell Darling

Dilley, Texas

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