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A practical guide to why the "great unwashed" (that’s us) must oppose NAIS

We are in the RFID age. It’s supporters and suppliers intend for everything that walks or stands still to be "chipped." Those people are the progeny of interests that have been accumulating power since the age of exploration—and before. This transgenerational influence is identifiable by its relentless intent to control everything within reach. Crude "analog" methods of subjugation have given way to a sophisticated "digital" matrix of control. Following is a series of considerations that give us the proper perspective on how the common people of this nation should see the National Animal Identification System (NAIS) based upon the well known activities of our current subjugators’ forebears. Moo. Take heed.

Nancy Jones Keiser

Paul W. Keiser

Marne, Michigan, January 2007

Our Creator cast Adam and Eve out of the Garden of Eden " till the ground from whence he was taken," because they had done wrong with a plant.

Since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution this Western culture has done a series of wrongs with plants, plants being gifts from our Creator:

Wrong #1: Milling grains to remove most of the nutrients (white flour, bread, cake, rice).

Wrong #2: Hybridizing plants to emphasize quickened growth and greater yield = less nutritious food from plants requiring less nutrients to reproduce/bear fruit.

Wrong #3: The application of nitrate fertilizers and synthetic chemical pesticides and herbicides in agriculture.

According to Dr. Elaine Ingham, one of the world’s most esteemed microbiologists—and an immense body of scientific literature and real life experiences, synthetic chemicals kill the living communities of organisms in topsoils and on leaf surfaces.

Wrong #4: "Scientists" began genetically modifying plants and patenting the new species.

Dr. Vandana Shiva calls the GMO patenting process "biopiracy" because the seeds, plants, fruits, flowers and roots that have been God’s gift to mankind since creation are being stolen from us so we will be forced to purchase genetically-modified and patented plants. Aside from deleterious health effects on humans and animals from eating such contaminated foods, the alien genes are like AIDS diseases and at least some of them will be fatal to the crops, systematically exterminating God’s gifts from the physical world.

Only greed-driven madmen could do such potentially genocidal things for profit. So what does all this have to do with the National Animal Identification system ( NAIS)?

Collective farming

Soviet Russia in the 1920s; Germany in the 1930s and; China in the 1940s, were each being moved in the direction of totalitarianism. Agriculture was collectivized in the USSR in the 1930s by Joseph Stalin because Vladimir Lenin had failed to do the job in the 20s. U.S. military intelligence has estimated that Russian communists killed 140 million people.

Mao Ze Dong collectivized China’s agriculture in the 40s. It is estimated that "Chairman" Mao killed 70 million people during his reign.

GMOs, Codex Alimentarius and NAIS are being forced upon Americans and other peoples without their consent, not unlike communism was forced upon the Russians and the Chinese. This is simply the upgrading of overt state control of food production and supply to the high-tech covert controls available today. This is anti-democratic and anti-republican—proof that the will of our people is no longer represented in our once democratic republic.

Federal farming

Since just before World War II more than 4,700,000 farms have gone out of business, largely due to the policies of the federal government. These were mostly small to mid-sized family farms rooted in rural communities.

After World War II the Council of Economic Advisors, which directed government policies with the Council of Foreign Relations, set a national goal of one corporate mega-farm per county. This set the stage for the collectivization of agriculture. The American Farm Bureau, which is a "big money" insurance company and not a farmers’ advocacy organization, was established by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce in the 1920s. The Farm Bureau’s mission since inception is to help the federal government direct funds to subsidize corporate mega farms per its well demonstrated federalist collective (corporate) agenda.

Half a century later, we are reaping the whirlwind of federally-subsidized corporate agricultural policies: Overcrowded, chemically-fed and pharmaceutically-treated GM livestock are sad and sickly; their (USDA-approved) meat and dairy products are contaminated with a full spectrum of toxic drugs and chemicals. Chemically-grown GM crops are devoid of nutrients and the chemical residues are found in our food, the soil in which they grow and have leached into ground and surface water.

Electromagnetic radio frequencies (EMF)

Now the collectivist proponents of chemically-grown GM crops and livestock want to chip our animals. Published science shows that EMF is harmful to biological organisms. Animals implanted with RFID chips will suffer the adverse effects of EMF. While the upside to this arrangement will likely result in windfall profits for the pharmaceutical companies and veterinarians, the downside will be more sick animals and contaminated meat and dairy products. In fact, an industry is currently developing to provide nutritional regimens and devices to protect humans, animals and plant crops from the harmful effects of EMF.

Health and disease

Sir Albert Howard arrived in India in 1905 to begin his farm work and research. He was a scientist, but had been raised on a farm, like Dr. Vandana Shiva. He developed the Indore system of composting, wherein plant and animal wastes were combined in the process of conversion to organic fertilizer. When this compost was applied to the land, healthy plants grew well and produced abundant crops with excellent nutritional value.

Animals feeding on such plants were strong, robust and resistant to disease. Sir Albert made sure his healthy animals were resistant to disease by exposing them to unhealthy cattle suffering with foot and mouth disease, septecemia and so on.

Sir Albert’s cattle only caught a disease from this contact on one occasion: When his 40 working oxen were moved to the 300 acres at Indore where there was little fodder. They were doing heavy work in hot weather and 12 of the oxen developed mild cases of foot and mouth disease. Food was improved for the cattle and they were rested for a fortnight and the disease disappeared and never returned.

Sir Albert also related a story of a plant experiment in a garden (Blackheath) in England in the Southampton area. He prepared a parcel of land by applying generous amounts of compost. He then took runners from the Royal Sovereign variety of strawberries, half from an experiment station "...certified to be attacked by virus, the other from the best commercial strawberry farm..." that he knew in England and planted both sets of runners in the prepared soil. The result was that all of the plants that grew up from the two side-by-side plots were healthy. There was no sign of the virus.

Disease, in both the plant and animal kingdoms, is caused by any one or a combination of three factors: 1) nutritional deficiency; 2) toxic poisoning; 3) injury.

That is why history is replete with examples of nurses and others who served the sick and dying in the midst of plagues and never contracted the diseases.

The 1931 Nobel Prize winner in Physiology and Medicine, Dr. Otto Warburg studied the respiration of cells, tumors, etc. and demonstrated before World War II that synthetic chemicals (food additives) cause cancer.

When the Lewis & Clark Expedition was in the lower Missouri River country they discovered the topsoils to be between one foot and 20 feet deep! By contrast, at the 1992 Earth Summit that was conducted in Brazil, the farm and ranch soils of the U.S. and Canada were viewed as being 85 percent depleted of their original mineral content.

For thousands of years farmers understood the relationship between healthy soil and healthy plants. It has only been since the chemical farming age began a few generations ago that this knowledge has been lost behind clouds of chemical-laden dust.

Farming without livestock?

Sir Albert noted in his book The Soil and Health: A Study of Organic Agriculture (1947): "It is impossible to farm for long without livestock."

NAIS will further deplete the nation’s domestic animal herds and flocks on the land from coast to coast because many of the small to mid-sized farms and ranches will either refuse or be unable to comply with the mandate.

We know that government agencies administrating NAIS will send their agents to shut down "noncompliant" operations and move to seize their animals and other assets including machinery and real property.

NAIS is not about preventing the spread of diseases among cattle. It is a diabolical plan to remove healthy cattle—and the farmers who raise them— from the food production chain as part of the collectivist agenda pioneered by Stalin and Mao. The NAIS plan will continue unfolding until every last domestic cow, pig, goat, chicken, duck and goose is chipped. Wild animals, rocks, trees, items in commerce, human children and adults are also slated for RFID chipping.


The Bible foretold the coming of "The Mark of the Beast":

"And he had power to give life unto the image of the beast, that the image of the beast should both speak, and cause that as many as would not worship the beast should be killed.

"And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads:

"And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name." ~Revelation 13:15-17

Corporations have become so powerful from selling their poisoned crops and sickly livestock to a captured American market that they can elect and control judges, legislators, presidents and foreign heads of state and dispose of them at their pleasure when they don’t follow orders. One need only understand the motives for assassinating JFK to understand this fact of American politics.

A more recent global example of this power is Iraq: Saddam Hussein attempted to control his sovereign nation’s oil resource. The U.S.-led invasion, occupation, regime change, "capture and death" are the price Saddam has paid for defying the will of the globalist corporate monsters who seek control of the earth’s true wealth: Natural resources.

Iran is insisting on its national sovereignty as well and is, therefore, next in line for invasion, military occupation and the scorched earth death and destruction of corporate war.

Our political and spiritual stand

We know that millions of us are expendable in the minds of the fascist corporate elite while they are taking control of the food supply and other vital components of society like utilities, communications and transportation. The Bible tells us what will happen when we allow ourselves and our animals to be given the Mark of the Beast.

We cannot cooperate with the NAIS totalitarian putsch in any way shape or form. We will do all that we can to fight it and will communicate this battle with the many hundreds of people that we know across this nation and in many other nations.



Communist China’s totalitarian dictator Mao Ze Dong trashed 4,000 years of his people’s culture and traditions. During Mao’s "Cultural Revolution," Confucius (Kung Chiu; Kung Fu-tse; 551-479 B.C.E.), Mencius (Meng Ko; Meng-tse; 371 B.C.E.?-288 B.C.E.?) and Lao-tse (Laotsze; Lao-tsu; 604?-531B.C.E.) were all thrown out, too. The following reveals why Mao outlawed his people’s most revered ancients:

"Mencius’ said: ‘When Jan Ch’ iu was governor for the Chi family, he wasn’t able to raise their Integrity the least bit. Meanwhile, he managed to double the tax people had to pay. So Confucius said: ‘He’s no follower of mine. If you sounded the drums and attacked him, my little ones, it wouldn’t be such a bad thing.’" (MENCIUS. Washington, D.C.: Counterpoint, 1998)

It is clear that Confucious deplored the payment of tribute to rulers who didn’t practice humane government; he deplored even more those who waged war for such rulers. "Hence, those who excel at war should receive the highest punishment. Next come those who form the august lords into alliances. And finally those who open up wild lands hoping to increase profits" (ibid.)

Resistance to NAIS is a moral and spiritual imperative. The politicians and bureaucrats who support NAIS now—and will be charged with enforcing its mandates later—are the duplicitous mandarins whose historical equivalents are those who did the bidding of Lenin, Stalin and Mao. These people should be popularly removed from power.

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