From the March 2007 Idaho Observer:

Reflections on The higher purpose of 9/11 accountability

Last month on this page we published Don Harkins’ "thesis" that the higher purpose of 9/11 accountability is to bring our people into the light of the myriad ways in which their persons, their children and their nation are being betrayed. Though he chose not to deliver the thesis in its entirety, most attendees picked up a copy of the Feb. edition and were able to read it later. Don’s pre-conference thesis was, as it turns out, appropriate. The ranks of the 9/11 accountability movement contain knowledgeable seekers of the full spectrum of social, political and theological truths. Therein lies our strength if we hang together for the sake of our country and our world. Therein also lies our weakness should divisive elements within and without ourselves cause us to lose sight of our goals.

The 9/11 accountability conference in Chandler, AZ (February 23-25), revealed perfectly the state of our "legal" case should 9/11 ever be judged in an objective court of competent jurisdiction—or in the court of fully-informed and popular public opinion. It also revealed the state of our abilities, as members of an international grassroots movement, to accomplish the previous sentence in our lifetimes.

While the imminently qualified, selflessly-dedicated and loosely cooperative investigators (of every relevant discipline and socio/political American subculture) continue to find and apply every scrap of hard evidence to experience and logic, our activistic potential to organize ourselves into a counterpropaganda machine—able to challenge the mass media for the collective mainstream American mind—is handicapped.

The situation is not hopeless, but it requires a "Gestalt" understanding of the world: An analysis if the parts cannot provide a qualified understanding of the whole.

The problem is that the "whole" we are talking about is not confined to the subject of 9/11; the whole is ourselves as a nation living in this environmentally toxic, morally relativistic electronic age. Though the ranks of 9/11 truthers are loaded with intelligent, personable people of honorable intent, we are all physical beings trying to adapt to our rapidly changing world and spiritual beings being torn apart by it all.

For some reason it is not appropriate to report on the conference like it was just another event. Because so many of the people speaking and attending were personal friends; because we traveled great distances at great expense to meet with one another; because we are desperately trying to figure out how to resurrect our dying nation; because we are all so vulnerable to criticism as ordinary folks going way beyond our capabilities in an effort to contribute something meaningful to such an important cause, a "report" could not do justice to the event

Suffice it to say that about 500 people and 40 speakers came. Almost to a man and to a woman (except for the infiltrators) everyone gave their all in both listening and speaking.

Former Star Wars Defense head Col. Bob Bowman (ret.) is scheduling a national 9/11 accountability tour and 9/11 Truth LA is coordinating citizens convening 9/11 grand jury hearings in cities all over the nation.

It should also be noted that the event was attended by the local NBC TV news affiliate which broadcast fair segments on the news throughout the three-day event. People all over the region who saw the broadcasts are reporting that they had no idea there was a 9/11 accountability movement until seeing footage of the conference and hearing the unedited statements of the those in attendance. This was a huge breakthrough in mainstream reporting of the 9/11 truth movement.

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