From the February 2007 Idaho Observer:

NEW WORLD ORDER coming into view

Veteran CNN correspondent Lou Dobbs acknowledged that "they [the Bush administration] are creating a New World Order," January 9, 2007 on his internationally-broadcast news magazine "Lou Dobbs Live."

The 2.5-minute clip begins with Dobbs stating that the North American Union (NAU) would fulfill Bush #41’s dream of a New World Order (NWO)—and then cuts to stock footage of #41 making the statement in 1991 (see photo at top).

The segment affirms concerned Americans’ warnings that the NAU is a key component of the NWO agenda and they are both linked to the loss of American national sovereignty. Because Dobbs has consistently been critical of the Bush administration’s policies with regard to "free trade" and the open border with Mexico—and he has not been fired or scandalized, we can infer that his dissidence is being aired so the response can be measured.

Regardless, Dobbs said, "It’s a straight forward assault by the elitists"; "it’s a stealth agenda by the private corporate elite" and; "its the surrender of the sovereignty of the United States."

One thing is certain, Dobbs said some things on international television that conspiracy factualists have been saying—to anyone who will listen—for a long time.

Pictured at left is President Bush #41 when he announced that a "new world [order] is coming into view" during his state of the union speech March 6, 1991. The president is flanked by his vice-President Dan Quayle and House Speaker Tom Foley (D-WA). President Bush #43 has just been accused by CNN correspondent Lou Dobbs (above) as fulfilling his "daddy’s dream." Dobbs sees #41’s corporate elitist "dream" as a nightmare for the people.

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