From the February 2007 Idaho Observer:


The law was meant to punish

All those who have caused pain,

Then show them how they could be better

So their fruits society can gain.

The law was meant to reform

Those spirits lost in hurtful trance,

Help them to rectify their mistakes

Because everyone deserves a second chance.

But it obviously isnít working

And humanity wreaks the toll,

Righteousness is misplaced

Because greed has taken control.

The prisons are overcrowded

The system has become a revolving door,

Itís a cancer that goes unheeded

While presidents keep building more.

The leaders are being corrupted

By the wickedness of this plan,

Morals are being prostituted

More money for each congressman.

Many of those convicted

Were souls with endless potential,

But now they are forgotten

All their dreams inconsequential.

This affects future generations

Who will be forced to pay the cost,

Because with each new tear that falls

Is more love the world has lost.

~Ira Riggs

Taft, California

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