From the February 2007 Idaho Observer:

Hush Money

by Darrell K. Corbyn

With the news of the coming Real ID act (National ID card) and the proliferation of the implanted RFID chip, I thought to myself, the churches will never stand for this. This is precisely what prophecy warned them about. The Bible even goes on to say that by taking this mark and worshiping the Antichrist and his image, oneís destiny will be torment with fire and brimstone. Certainly the churches will band together and march on Washington to stop this. A sleeping giant in the battle for our freedom from tyranny was about to awaken. However, this warm fuzzy feeling I was experiencing was about to end. Upon further research, I discovered that most churches and many charities are politically impotent. The largest like-minded connected bodies in the United States together could do very little to stop this. How could this be?

The 501©(3) trap

In 1954, Congress approved a law signed by Sen. Lyndon Johnson to prohibit 501[c](3) organizations, which includes churches and charities, from engaging in political activity and speaking against the government. The 501[c](3) legally makes these private organizations agencies of the government and allows them special exemption from taxes and IRS scrutiny. Also, this law put severe limits on their lobbying capabilities and virtually renders them ineffective. Practically speaking, the churches and charities trade their First Amendment right of free speech and their right to lobby for protection from the IRS. In simpler terms, hush money.

[Note: 501[c](3) is absolutely unnecessary for churches as they were already tax-exempted by IRS Code].

These 501[c](3) organizations and their staff members are prohibited from identifying with a candidate, expressing their views on issues that might indirectly associate them with a candidate or political party, and speaking out against government agencies. The prohibitions even extend to individual members of congregations within 501[c](3) churches.

Example one: Jenny, a member of the congregation, wants to get some members together after the service to meet in room A and discuss the upcoming election. She wants to research the candidates to see which one identifies the most with the values of her church, and then report her findings to the pastor. This would be a direct violation of the prohibition.

Example two: An organization that invites one candidate to speak at its well-attended annual banquet, but invites the opposing candidate to speak at a sparsely attended general meeting, would be in violation of the prohibition, even if the manner of presentation for both speakers is otherwise neutral.

Violations of 501[c](3) provisions would be punishable by the removal of the organizationís tax free status and a levy of an excise tax would be imposed by the IRS.

To be in compliance, the leaders of these organizations have to warn their members of the issues far in advance of the elections, and then hope that through grueling research, while wading through mounds of misinformation, they will connect the issues to the right candidate. What are the odds? Maybe a few will come out of the tangled web informed, but the majority will never make it. Isnít this why we have leaders? Maybe the government only wants us to take direction from the leaders they approve. (i.e. from the media, Hollywood, and pet politicians).

Our partisan, government-sanctioned media is not controlled like the churches and is allowed to push the eliteís agenda unrestrained. This is part of the carefully-laid framework for the silent takeover of our nation [the silencing of church morality and promotion of media-induced immorality].

The politicians who passed this amendment knew they were taking away the power of the church-going masses to hold the government accountable for its actions. It enabled them to continue setting up their fascist police state and New World Order virtually unchecked. It is easier to quash a few dissidents than an organized body that is informed. The peopleís power is derived from voting and putting direct pressure on misguided politicians. It is essential that issues crucial to the salvation of our free republic be identified and discussed, but that in itself does nothing to change the policies of the government.

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