From the February 2007 Idaho Observer:

Phase II: A Time for Consequences

by Hari Heath


Wake up! Wake up! Wake up! has been the clarion call for America. Our country, indeed the whole world, is headed in a dangerously wrong direction. It must be changed if any semblance of life as we know it is to remain intact.

From the conduct in the highest offices in the land, down to the base level of consumerism, a genuine "revolution" has become a necessity—we must "turn this thing around." Our present societal foundation is built upon a crumbling precipice by architects who appear to be under contract to the fallen angel himself.

We are about to arrive at that precipitous moment where we will be required to decide whether we are willing to fight and die for freedom or chance living as slaves

In the last decade, the "freedom movement," for lack of any better name, has made great strides towards a societal "awakening." But much remains to be done. The animating contest of freedom that many of us are engaged in is countered generally by two forces: The slothful ignorance of the obliviously contented consumers and the artful deceptions and devious devices of their corrupted controllers. Between the two, we would-be liberators of society have taken upon ourselves the difficult (often frustrating) task of awakening the former by exposing the latter.

Then what?

Awakening is not enough. It is an important Phase I step towards the ultimate goal of freedom and justice for all (wo)men, but then what? Freedom and justice require active enforcement mechanisms if they are ever to re-emerge.

Without such enforcement, the enemies within America have no reason to curtail their treasonous trepidations. The evidence that citizen enforcement mechanisms are barely more than an idea can be found in our current circumstances:

We cannot use "free speech" and effectively protest the oppressors. Even when we appear in a force of multi-thousands, in active remonstrance, with banners, placards and bullhorns, the agents of treason meet and conduct their affairs under a cloak of police-state protection. They then conclude their business and depart unscathed.

The right to petition for redress of grievances, as We The People Foundation hath shown, is gone. Their monumental effort to get a few simple answers to a few simple questions has been without redress, or even answer. Even bringing the matter to court has been fruitless.

What should be a final and fair arbiter between the people and the forces of government, the judicial system, is perhaps the people’s greatest enemy. By sapping and mining the halls of "justice", over time, the power to abuse law, defy rules and pervert procedure is now an institutional standard. Judges may engage in any whim, protected by a cloak of "absolute immunity."

And neither is the ballot box our friend. We now live in a "Diebold democracy." In addition to all the ancient methods of election fraud, technology has brought us Diebold and other electronic voting and vote counting machines which can manipulate votes and throw elections without detection. Our new "Diebold democracy" fully implements Joseph Stalin’s declaration:

"It is enough that the people have an election. Those who cast the votes decide nothing. Those who count the votes decide everything."

And where is the militia?

Many were awakened in the early 90s by the government-imposed travesties at Ruby Ridge, Waco and Justice Township. In response, Americans formed private militias who trained and readied so that never again could government unjustly lay siege to our fellow Americans, arrest or murder them and burn down their homes with their children inside.

But the enemies of America masquerading as elected officials changed tactics. Apparently aware that future use of the siege method would meet resistance, they moved on to bigger things. Blowing up their own buildings in broad daylight while blaming it on others circumvented any militia resistance and gave them a whole new paradigm to launch the next level of their agenda.

Meanwhile, the unorganized militia suffered from that same evil that afflicts standing armies. Sitting too long in camp weakens morale and destroys unit cohesion. By all appearances, the militia has simply gone home and stayed there.

Now, a decade later, as we find ourselves with no civil remedy left to us, the militia appears to be resting quietly on the cartridge box

Phase I—the problem

Awareness of the problem is not the solution, but it is important to know why these times necessitate action. The reasons for immediate citizen intervention are many:

  • In spite of fabricated reasons, contrary to advice from nearly all interests concerned, complete failure in Iraq and with no authority or public support to do so, the current U.S. executive regime is moving full-steam ahead on its plan to attack Iran.
  • As proposed in the "new" democratic Congress, our daughters and sons are soon to be drafted to fight such wars, quite profitably, for the corporations.
  • We are already slated to be tagged like livestock with digital biometric data in the new national ID: your 2008 driver’s license.
  • The governor of Texas published an executive order that would have forced 11 and 12 year old girls to take the experimental, live-virus HPV (human papilloma virus) vaccine that is alleged (not proven) to prevent cervical cancer (The governor backed down several days later due to overwhelming opposition. We believe it was a trial balloon that demonstrates the establishment’s intent to force vaccinate Americans).
  • The public infrastructure of our roads and bridges are being sold to foreigners to promote bailouts and profiteering for our public servants in office. These foreigners will charge us tolls to use the highways we financed with our own taxes.
  • Border Patrol Agents acting to secure our borders are prosecuted and imprisoned for doing their job by other government agents who refuse to do theirs.
  • Our sacrosanct rights have vanished to the pages of history; some Halliburton concentration camps are ready to receive us and more are reportedly on the way.
  • The final remedy of the Second Amendment remains in retirement, perhaps soon to die of old age, hastened by judicial and administrative decrees. The "zero tolerance" school zone gun bans instills in our youth the notion that guns are the enemy, not the friend of freedom.


Moving on

The list started above is nearly infinite, but let’s move on.

We can be aware of the problems; we can work diligently to expose the masses to what is hidden by corporate media, but there is a saturation point. Many will not want to be awakened from their political slumber. We must acknowledge a simple fact:

The many who desire to remain placidly oblivious to the ravenous reality around them are the children of government. They have been coddled since a very young age. Indoctrinated since naptime in kindergarten and now managed by every social program imaginable, they have grown to like the way things are.

If not literally, then at least figuratively, our messages to them are essentially that their "parent" is a child molester! They cannot fathom the possibility. They have grown accustomed to the constant fondling that government has forced upon their lives. They see the intrusions and mandates of their domineering parent as a sign of caring. They are so accustomed to abuse that they can no longer tell right from wrong. To them, their "parent’s" perversion is normal. They even ask for more!

Such programming runs to the core of their being. Some can be awakened, but many will not. At some point, we must move on.

Phase II

At this present time, within the "freedom movement," there is almost no serious discussion or planning to implement effective Phase II enforcement mechanisms. Paramount to our success is a plan to remove and punish the criminals who are operating our "government." It will require a substantial contingent of "the people," pledging their lives, fortunes and sacred honor to the arduous and noble struggle for liberty.

As aforementioned, we have no courts. Our free speech and petitions are ignored. Our votes are not counted in fabricated elections. We have no civil process left to us. It is well past time for Revolution!

Although armed conflict against the criminals in government is the one thing the citizenry has not yet tried, there can be many ways to subdue a beast. Like any child who is disobeying its parents, "our" government needs to be reminded who its creator is, to whom it must be obedient and what the consequences are for its misbehavior.


It does not take a mass of people to enforce consequences—it can even be done alone. Violent, destructive resistance against the corporafacsistic military-police state is one method of imposing consequences—one our nation’s founders suspected may become necessary. They enshrined the right to keep and bear such force in the Second Amendment so that we remained empowered to maintain a free state. But such violent, last resort, consequences are only one possible avenue of enforcement.

As ingenious Americans, we can envision and implement many creative consequences. Those consequences don’t have to be directly administered upon the actual culprits. The forces now coming against the American people are institutional. Nearly every person employed by the treasonous, terrorist government agencies has been culpably involved in some manner of misconduct against an American. It is the nature of their job in these times. By showing up for work they are at least guilty of supporting the criminals who have usurped government. The consequences imposed by citizen enforcers can be randomly applied to any component of the culprit institution, anywhere that it conducts its business.

The tactical result can be quite positive. They do not know from what quarter the consequences are coming and they cannot defend all of their operations simultaneously. Eventually, after sufficient consequences have been applied, the cost of their misconduct will exceed any perceived benefits. Citizen enforcers can then successfully impose further mandates—like getting all of our Constitution back.

Let’s take an active potential example. Ed Brown in New Hampshire is currently under the threat of siege and arrest for bogus federal tax charges. The U.S. Marshals will eventually attempt an arrest and confiscation of his property. They already hit him earlier with a 28-man multi-jurisdictional team, including snipers, just to download his computer. Rather than all of us running off to New Hampshire to protect Ed in his "compound," citizen enforcers can anonymously give notice to any U.S. Marshals office that there will be consequences if they attack Ed. If they attack, we act, in any creative manner we choose and from any quarter.

For a novel consideration of just how successful such a strategy can be, read Unintended Consequences by John Ross. It will also provide you with an understanding of history that wasn’t part of your government school curriculum.

In a similar, but non-lethal vein, the Window Wars story, which circulated on the internet a few years ago, provides a humorous, fictional example of citizen enforced consequences (you can find The Window Wars online at

Quit the money

Money doesn’t "make the world go ‘round," contrary to popular myth. The world was spinning in space long before man invented money. Our internal enemies and their international friends are empowered by their ability to make an unlimited amount of money from nothing at all. Its value can disappear even faster than it appeared.

Fiat economies function only when people believe in the money or can be forced to accept it. If everyone knew what our current "dollar" really was, no moral person would accept it. If it can’t buy anything, it’s powerless. All of the corporafascistic regimes would then melt like a wet Wicked Witch of the West.

Congress will no longer be able to borrow and spend. But it’s much deeper than that. The CAFR funds—those government funds "hidden" within the many Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports are estimated to supply 65-85% of the investment in the stock market. Yes, corporations are largely in control of our political process and the primary investor in the corporate world is government funds! This unholy alliance can be broken by terminating the fiat Federal Reserve System and its mythical "dollar." Without such wealth at their disposal, the elite at the top will no longer be able fill the ranks of the administrative and corporate realms—our primary enemy.

The simplest vote of no confidence in their fiat system is to remove your wealth from it. At the very least, remove your "savings" from the bank and invest your wealth in real things. Silver and gold are ancient storehouses of wealth. Buy "things" which have and hold value, are easily convertible to future forms of wealth or are useful to you in a post revolution world.

Begin using the Liberty Dollar ( or find, use or start a local community currency ( Find and support merchants who will provide you with your necessities in exchange for alternate currencies. The only vote we have left that is in the marketplace.


There is no law requiring a wage earner to pay federal income tax.

According to President Reagan’s Grace Commission, none of the monies collected from your federal income tax actually fund government. The IRS collects your taxes to pay interest to the Federal Reserve for the "money" it loans to the U.S. Treasury. The Federal Reserve is a private banking institution that has taken over our national economy.

These facts are not in dispute. Many of us have known this for some time and it is now well documented in the film America: From Freedom to Fascism.

If your taxes only pay interest to a private banking cartel, can you really be called a taxpayer? Those who pay a federal income tax should be called interestpayers, not taxpayers. Even the IRS admits 70 million plus interestpayers are no longer paying their interest.

Will you keep on paying interest so Congress can continue to borrow and spend our nation into oblivion?

Pitchforks to the castle!

There have been many protests over the years. The criminal element in government knows that after a day of protest, which they ignore, they can carry on business as usual. It can cost literally millions to provide security for such events. If enough protesters kept enough police state perpetrators busy long enough—not a day long protest, but a siege—a commitment of our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor, we can impose our mandate: The removal/indictment of the criminal players at every level of government and the reinstatement of our Constitution.

Such action will require no small commitment and there are substantial risks. It is the military-industrial-police state we would be up against. But the awful moment of our nation requires a monumental response to tyranny—a siege encampment—quit our jobs, close the schools, everyone in the streets, pitchforks to the castle!

Operation "Uphold Your Oath"

Every military person has taken an oath to "support and defend the Constitution from all enemies foreign and domestic; they do not take an oath to defend the country, the president or Congress. Without a Constitution we are not a country, only a place; without the Constitution there is no government because the Constitution is the only authority for government.

Are you a military person who took such an oath and do you intend to keep it? Would you like to move up the ranks? Are you aware of the graft, corruption and treason of those at the highest levels of the military? Are you tired of "CLASSIFIED, CLASSIFIED, CLASSIFIED" being the mantra that protects their criminal conduct, with mid-level officers and the enlisted being the first to suffer the consequences of those criminals in brass adorned uniforms?

Secure your evidence and begin the arrests. From the Commander-in-Chief on down, it is time for military justice and Operation "Uphold Your Oath." From stop loss orders and mandatory third and fourth tours of duty; constitutionally unauthorized deployments; routine violations of the laws of war (Geneva Conventions); four trillion$ "missing" from the last few years of Pentagon budgets to the genocide against our own troops and the people of the world evidenced in Beyond Treason, there is ample evidence that the upper levels of the military deserve the traitor’s death.

Vociferously vilifying the villainous

Into the vast, vacuous and venal vestibule of government we must vivaciously vex and eviscerate the virulent vermin who have vituperatively violated virtually every verity that has been the vanguard of our Republic.

With vatic vociferousness, we must vanquish these vermiform creatures; vipers and voles alike; and their veneer of venerability, so that victory becomes vividly vectored, most valuably, for our posterity.

It shall be V, that is to say we, the volant among us, with visage of the vista that is so vital who will veto the villainous and venomous venture that has rendered us as villens and vassels.

Only through vigorous vigilance and valor can we reach the vertex and venerate our venue, reinvesting it with the virtue it verily deserves.

This verbose verse is intended to inspire you to acquire an outfit (—about $90) so that thee can become a V.

A thousand Vees trumps a Dubya.

It is time for truth AND consequences. Enter Phase II—and sharpen your pitchfork!

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