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The higher purpose of 9/11 accountability

IO editor Don Harkins was invited to speak at the 9/11 strategy conference in Chandler, Arizona. He is on a panel called, "Being the Media," with Maria Heller, Ian Woods, Jack Blood, Hummux and Bonnie Falkner. The panel has decided to take 10 minutes each to give the audience the benefit of their experiences in alternative print and broadcast media. Following is Don’s conference thesis.

by Don Harkins

Among the critical topics facing Americans today are property rights, unjust taxation, judicial anarchy, police brutality, destruction of the family, public"indoctrination," perpetual wars, economic collapse, the adulteration of the food supply, the contamination of public water supplies, the government-approved poisoning of human bodies with drugs and vaccines—and 9/11. Researchers and activists have proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that many of these areas are conspiracies. Specific individuals are conspiring in the ongoing commission of real crimes that are causing real people to suffer physical injuries and damage to property. But, unless their proofs are able to attain marketshare of the mass mind, they do not result in criminal charges.  

What is worse is that each time we expose high-level criminals and are unable to bring them to justice, these alleged pillars of American life are encouraged to commit steadily worsening crimes against us with increasing frequency and thinning transparency. The government’s explanation for 9/11—which does not even bother to factor in the laws of natural science—is an indication of how brazen these people have become.

We now live in an era where our nation’s public officials and captains of industry enjoy almost absolute immunity for their actions no matter how heinous or, as in the case of 9/11, treasonous and mass murderous.  

Though we mean well...   

In attempting to expose the myriad of wrongs that have become institutionalized in America, researchers and activists consistently fail to attain marketshare of the mass mind. For all our good intentions, we are promoting and perpetuating the vicious cycle just described. There are two main reasons for this failure: The tendency of researchers and activists is to become obsessed with the accumulation of evidence. There is a lack of emphasis on developing practical means to find suitable, highly-visible public venues for the evidence to be heard.

The importance of the latter cannot be underestimated. Those on the other side of our fence regarding 9/11 truth—and the other issues mentioned—have spared no expense to insure that the commoners’ mass mind will remain either duped on issues critical to their health and well being or rendered impotent should they fantasize about changing the status quo.

Think about it: Babies are born to parents who are duped, they grow up among duped friends, family and community members; we are all fed fake food and contaminated water, injected with neurologically-impairing and illness-perpetuating toxic cocktails called vaccines, prescribed pharmaceutical drugs to mask the resultant neurological and physiological symptoms, and (most of us) automatically attend government schools.

While children and the adults around them are the objects of an incessant, multi-directional assault on their senses through the media, we are also compelled to abide by multitudes of rules, regulations, codes and statutes to avoid the consequences of fines and/or imprisonment. 

The "commoners" who go along with the conditions described above hope for material success while enjoying the benefits of a culture that provides nearly limitless opportunities to experience pleasures and benefits. They remain preoccupied with an unprecedented array of mindless entertainment.

The mass mind in America has been conditioned to accept the status quo, however illogical, unjust or despotic, because Americans are "rewarded" for compliance and "punished" for dissent.

This has forever been the bottom line of the commoners’ existence and is the foundation for why the powerful and influential are able to destroy private property and commit capital crimes without being held criminally accountable for their actions.

Fear and greed over principle

The psychosocial rabbit holes can get as deep as we want to make them, but the dynamics are simple: Most people make decisions based upon fear and self-interest.  At this time, the majority of Americans feel their base concerns are met by not questioning the official 9/11 story, the food and water supply, public health policy, the effect of schools and mass media on the sensibilities of our people—or anything else that could compromise their (arguably false) sense of security.  

The people at this event constitute an anomaly of American demographics: With the possible exception of the federal agents, mainstream news reporters and hotel staff in attendance, we are here because we make decisions based upon principle; our own codes of conduct do not allow us to tolerate the lies of 9/11, or other lies, to serve as the justification for policies that are destroying the lives and lands of innocent people.

Because we are willing to stand on principle and see ourselves as regular folks, we have a flawed tendency to believe that we will, sooner or later, change the mass mind through logic, evidence and reason.

Beyond shadows of doubt

Through the independent analyses of 9/11 accountability researchers and their accumulation of anecdotes and evidence, we have a strong enough case to secure indictments for and obtain the convictions of several people—including the president and vice-president of the United States. We can prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that it was impossible for Osama bin Laden and 19 Arab hijackers to have committed the crimes associated with the attacks of Sept. 11 without the participation of public officials entrusted with maintaining national security. We can also prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that key intelligence officers and high-ranking government officials had prior warning of the attacks.

In order for our efforts to compel an open and objective investigation into the events of 9/11 to succeed, we must first generate a critical mass of public opinion. Our researchers and legal scholars have given us everything else. All we need is an objective court of competent jurisdiction within which to try this case. That court will not convene until somewhere between 10 and 20 percent of the American public demands it. That is the simple mathematics of our situation.

Our mission is clear: 

We have to convince a significant number (somewhere between 30 million and 60 million) of Americans that their future access to material success and entertainment is threatened by the provably false belief that 19 boxcutter-wielding Arab militants linked to al Qaeda planned and executed the Sept. 11 attacks. Then, when enough Americans begin voicing concerns about their material futures, they will find safety in numbers and only then will they summon the courage to engage in popular acts of nonviolent civil disobedience. I am sorry if this sounds shallow, but it is the truth as I have experienced it. Most people are motivated by fear and self-interest—not principle.

We have a lot going for us

In my humble opinion, the unconvincing official explanation of 9/11 has prompted the most impressive accumulation of independently-generated and disseminated research data ever. What we have uncovered here is the largest insurance fraud scam in history with the "collapse" of the Twin Towers and Building 7 and the deadliest attack on Americans since the so-called Civil War. Adding to the intrigue, the true suspects in this epic murder mystery is a cabal of officials at the pinnacle of U.S. civil, military and corporate authority who are being protected by a compliant media that continually parrots the government’s Arab-hijacker-burning-jet-fuel theory in utter disregard of overwhelming evidence that people within the U.S. government itself—not al Qaeda—planned and executed the 9/11 attacks.

We do, indeed, live in interesting times. We have the best team of researchers and legal scholars ever to be organized. And we have the most treasonous actions in American history to ever evade their day in court. We also have one of the most dedicated, electronically-innovative cadres of outspoken activists to ever be denied mainstream news coverage.

Should we attain marketshare of the mass American mind, our researchers will organize under the direction of our legal scholars to present the evidence of official complicity in the events of Sept. 11, 2001, and America will have its day (actually weeks and months), "in court."

I believe there are things we can all do as we work toward that historic day. My successes and failures as an opposition publisher of 13 years have given me a comprehensive picture of what works, what doesn’t work and where our energies can best be expended. As the conference continues [and for the rest of us, as the days go by] we will be discussing amongst ourselves the various strategies we must implement to increase our marketshare of the mass mind. I just want you to internalize these critical points: We are here today because we decided to make a principled stand against the lies of 9/11 and the raft of unjust and destructive policies that have sprung from those lies, both at home and abroad; the people we are trying to reach, at this time, make decisions affecting their lives almost exclusively out of fear and self-interest.

Which brings me to my closing point. 9/11 accountability is merely a means to an end. Our ultimate goal should be to strengthen our people in all areas where their health and well-being are concerned so America’s future will be shaped by principled men and women who will not tolerate a new Pearl Harbor, a new Gulf of Tonkin, a new Ruby Ridge, a new Waco, a new Justice Township, a new Afghanistan, a new Iraq…or a new 9/11.

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