From the January 2007 Idaho Observer:

Government Fertilizer

Major problems with this here nation

Like total Taxation without explanation!

Sending many hard earned dollars to Israel,

While our government puts us all through Hell!

Like sending our children to war as cannon fodder,

Maybe your son, or maybe your daughter,

All for corporate greed, the essential oils –

So tax the people and give the politicians the spoils

Massive government corruption behind the scene;

Whatever happened to the American Dream?

Children suffer, while their parents scream,

But the fat-cats are insulated in their black limousine!

Now we can follow the laws of this here great land,

And work very hard and still lend a hand –

But step out of line and they’ll take you down hard;

Someday you may walk a cold prison yard…

Don’t pay your taxes and see what they’ll do –

They’ll send someone soon to get after you;

Then you cannot laugh and you cannot cry,

There must be a mistake, left you will die…

A debtor’s prison, you may say: "No Way!"

But look just what’s happening around you today;

Try not paying taxes and go have a beer –

But you may find yourself in prison for many a year!

Now our foreign policy’s a losing bet,

Just see how many billions we are now in debt!

The national debt’s growing daily, it’s way out of sight,

And we don’t know where we stand – somethin’ ain’t right!

With so many crooked lawyer/politicians still on the dole,

Digging us deeper and deeper into a hole;

We’re like sheep to the slaughter lead down the merry path,

But don’t do what "they" say and you’ll feel their wrath!!

Yes, a shadow government fills our country with strife,

Vote and pay taxes, but still have no life!

The government’s fertilizer is what we’ve been fed –

Work hard ‘til retirement and then soon you’re dead…

So what really happened to freedom and our liberty?

"They" stole it from you, and they stole it from me!

If you suspect a totalitarian government’s jack-booted thug–

Then we must stand together,

Or it’s our own grave that we’ve dug

Daniel J. Coughlin

U.S.P. Victorville

Adelanto, California

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