From the January 2007 Idaho Observer:

How a manís home becomes a compound

PLAINFLELD, NHóEd and Dr. Elaine Brown were found guilty of various tax evasion and structuring charges January 18, 2007. "I just hope this verdict sends a message to those who would rely on frivolous tax theories," said Assistant U.S. Attorney Bill Morse.

Though Elaine, a dentist, chose to make a deal, Ed chose to stay home for most of his "trial" and is currently waiting for the feds to come and get him. The Browns have a beautiful home on 110 wooded acres and supporters from all over have come to help defend Brown, 63, who has no plans of giving himself up. "My life is destroyed...I lost my wife and she lost her business," he said.

The story is still unfolding at this time. The U.S. Marshallís Service claims there are no plans to storm the house and arrest Brown. "Live free or die" is the NH state motto and what Ed told reporters while expecting the feds to come get him.

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